My Current Lipsticks on Rotation: Pink Edition

This week’s post is all about the pink lip. I never used to like a pink lip – to me it just signified a girly girls view of approaching makeup and I hated it. Fast forward about 15 years and now, I really look out for a statement pink lipstick. You won’t find me using a Barbie pink lip yet, but let’s see where I stand in a few years.

L’oreal Color Riche Moisture Matte in Red ValentineMy Current Lipsticks on rotation pink edition

Price: AUD 10.98

Texture: Matte

Staying Power: 5x coffees

L’oreal is one of the pricier brands available at the chemist/drugstore. I saw the ad for their lipstick that featured one of my favorite iconic Indian celebrities – Aishwarya Rai. I really wanted to get a lipstick that was created in her name. Unfortunately, most of the stores I went to – Target, Chemist Warehouse, etc didn’t have that shade. While hanging around the L’oreal counter and trying not to let disappointment show, I noticed that they had these matte lipsticks on sale. It was a really good deal and the colour from the tester really impressed me. This is really one of the statement shades I wear.

Aisa Cosmetics Matte-netic Liquid Lipstick in Devotion*¹my current lipsticks on rotation pink edition

Price: AUD 26.00

Texture: Matte

Staying Power: 6x coffees

Similar to Bodacious, this lipstick has a lightweight cloud like feel to it. Once set, it has a pretty decent staying power. The lipstick is this feminine watermelon pink shade. This product is not kiss proof and will fade over time.

Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Iconmy current lipsticks on rotation pink edition

Price: AUD 32.00

Texture: Matte

Staying Power: 6x coffees

While technically not a lipstick, I’ve been using this lip contour pencil as a matte lipstick. Unlike a liquid lipstick, this does tend to crumble after a few coffees and if you need to reapply a touch up, you’re better off wiping everything off and starting again.

Rimmel the only one matte lipstick in Call the Shots*¹my current lipsticks on rotation pink edition

Price: AUD 15.95

Texture: Matte

Staying Power: 5x coffees

With the success of Rimmel’s highly popular The Only One lipstick, it made sense to launch a matte version of the range. I love the colour and staying power of this lipstick (not to mention the cool name). This is not as blue based as the L’Oreal Color Riche Moisture Matte lipstick, but still has a very pretty current lipsticks on rotation pink edition

*I have full reviews of these products. You can check them out here:

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So that’s my round up of pink lipsticks. What are your favorites – let me know in the comments as I’m always on the lookout for a new statement pink lipstick.

¹ This product was sent to me as a PR sample but my opinions are my own.


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19 thoughts on “My Current Lipsticks on Rotation: Pink Edition

  1. Love me a good pink lippy! If you’d told me I’d grow to love the colour pink when I was a teenager, I’d have called you crazy; but somewhere along the way its happened. My favourite pink shades all come from Bite Beauty: Sangria (blue-based fuchsia) + Fig (nude rose) from the Amuse Bouche range + Rose from the (sadly discontinued) Luminous Creme range. Rose might be a bit hard to find (it’s certainly not in Sephora) but if you manage to see it, check it out as it’s a lovely peachy-pink shade.

  2. I also love a pink lipstick that makes a statement! Bright pink but not barbie pink 😉
    The l’oréal matte lipsticks look really nice, I need to try one of them!

  3. What gorgeous lippie picks! Like Rachel, I want to try the Huda Beauty Lip Contours and the Aisa Cosmetics Matte-netic Liquid Lipstick looks beautiful too!

  4. The Aisa Cosmetics lipstick looks gorgeous. I’m hoping I can find it in the UK. I’m not usually a pink lipstick person but this is defineitly changing my mind!

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