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Have you ever gone into a store, purchased an eyeshadow palette only to find that you don’t use half the shades as much as some of the others? If you’re looking for ways to use a whole palette in your look, check out this blog post here.

But sometimes, you just want to be able to choose the colours you want in your palette. This can mean forking out a fortune at stores like Inglot, which isn’t a practical solution for everyone.

Luckily, there’s a more affordable alternative – enter Essence My Must Haves palette. This is your solution to your DIY, totally customisable palette conundrums.


I spotted this at my not so local Target. At the Essence counter, you’re faced with the usual everyday lines, but this range is located in the middle section of the display closer to the bottom (why have new lines feature close to the bottom shelf, I will never understand – shout about it! Bring it to eye level so that your customers see it!). You choose what you want – there’s​a 4 pan empty palette and lots of eyeshadow colours to choose from.

The palette in itself is a durable plastic rectangular container that houses​ 4 round pans. It has a clear top and black base. The eyeshadow pans come as singles and fit snugly into the palette. You have the option of clicking the products out of the pan to switch over colours of you so desire.

Product Colours & Texture

This is the exciting part – there are more than a dozen colours to choose from (20 to be exact). For my palette, I chose the shades:

10 – Apricotta – a beautiful creamy gold shade with a hint of Apricot.
11 – Stay in Coral Bay – Coral all round – such a beautiful shade!
03 – Miss Foxy Roxy – a brown satin shade perfect for a transition colour.
18 – Black as a Berry – Berry is right! It’s the shade of blackberry and looks so stunning!

From what I could see behind the plastic casing, the shadows were either a satin or a full blown shimmer shade (Target didn’t have any testers out in the open). There weren’t any mattes in the range. The best part is that the colours come grouped together, so if you’re a bit unsure of what to get, you can just select the group of shadows you want and be done with it.

Application & Lasting Power

These shadows are suprisingly soft. For AUD 3.05 per shadow, I was expecting a chalky product. Before I could take a photo, my little boy dug a fingernail into Black as Berry and I was stunned by how it looked on his fingers – maybe I should start a trend of eyeshadow swatches on his little fingers haha. There is a little bit of kickback when you dip your natural bristle brush into it. A synthetic brush didn’t produce nearly as much kickback as the natural bristle brush did.

Finger swatches and brush swatches yield different results – the warmth in your fingertips will pull off an intensely pigmented result as opposed to the bristles of a brush. That said, you can build up pigmentation when you blend it in layers using a brush. It won’t be the same as a one step pigmentation as using fingers, but in the end, you will get there. It’s like using a sports car vs a bicycle – you’ll get to your destination and while the sports car zooms you into the end goal, sometimes, the bicycle leads you places you never thought you’d see (wow, that was a little too philosophical).

In terms of lasting power, I found that the shadows stayed put and kept their pigmentation until around the 4 hour mark with or without eyeshadow primer. It’s not like the product disintegrates after the 4 hour mark, it just doesn’t look as “vivid” as when it was freshly applied.

Overall Thoughts

I bought the palette for AUD 3.05 and each shadow for AUD 3.05. A total of AUD 15.25 for a palette and 4 shadows. It’s a great bargain in my opinion for some decently pigmented products. I would totally recommend the shadows I picked out – you can achieve some amazing results with these 4 shadows. Essence is available for purchase at Target and Priceline stores.

Have you tried this palette yet? What are your go-to colours for this range? What are your favourite products from the brand? 


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15 thoughts on “Review: Essence My Must Haves Palette

  1. Ooh, I must have a look at these Essence eye shadows. I love that you can create your own custom palette. Thanks for sharing xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  2. I love that this is an affordable alternative for a custom palette. You’re right, the others often end up costing well over $100+ and you only have the palette and a couple of shadows! These look so pretty, I will have to pick up a few and give them a go 🙂 x

  3. I love the idea of buying an Essence palette but everytime I go to Target or Priceline half of the display has been sold or destroyed 😣

  4. I don’t have any Essence eyeshadows but I know many people rave about them….these look like really nice shades. I have a couple of their nail polishes and I think for the price point they’re definitely a bargain as they’re nice quality. Great post xx

  5. I love essence! I’ve seen a few people talking about these single shadows, and saying they were quite good. I really like the combo of shades you chose 🙂 I really love their polishes and blushes – so good!
    Beauty On A Budget

  6. I’ve seen these new customizable palettes at my drug store but didn’t really look into them. You make me want to try a few shadows now!!

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