A tale of the Coloured Eyeliner

I’ve always considered myself to be a purist when it comes to eyeliner. The format didn’t matter – liquid, gel or pencil – I hardly strayed from the classic black or brown shades. It didn’t matter what brand the liner was – if it wasn’t black or brown, I wouldn’t even notice it. The only exception was a nude pencil I carried because my beauty guru Tyra Banks said it would make me look bright eyed and ready to face the world.

It was only recently, at the behest of some friends, that I ventured beyond my comfort zone and purchased the Borjouis contour clubbing waterproof eye pencil in Bleu Neon. As the name suggests, it was the most striking blue that I’d ever seen.

To be honest, I didn’t know how to incorporate this bright blue coloured liner into my repertoire. One day I was feeling brave (or delirious from lack of sleep) enough to wear this liner to work. However, I couldn’t just add this liner and then walk out without raising some eyebrows – especially at a work environment.

So there I was, standing in front of the mirror with this beautiful liner in my hand wondering what to do, when it hit me – it doesn’t just have to be the classic liner across the lid. I was looking at this all wrong. It can be something as simple as lining the waterline, or a flash of blue on the lower lash line subtly smudged in.

But since I was being experimental, I thought, why not make a subtle conversation starter rather than a statement that yells out “look at me, check out that blue liner!”. My solution was to draw the blue liner and overlay my black liquid liner on top. The result was a muted look that still had a flash of bright blue everytime I blinked. I loved it! I received a number of compliments on this very look.

Blue liner copy

The Bourjois contour clubbing liner is quite creamy and draws on smoothly onto the lids. The creamy formula means you need to keep sharpening it to maintain its point. Once drawn, it sets dry and will not budge. Water alone is not enough to remove this liner – you need an eye makeup remover to get rid of any traces of the liner.
The success of this particular look inspired me to purchase more coloured liners. I now have a couple of purples, and even a reflective bronzey brown shade in my collection.

Liners and swatches below:

Coloured Liners

  • Bourjois Clubbing waterproof eyeliner in Bleu Neon
  • Stila Smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Midnight Blue
  • Bourjois Clubbing waterproof eyeliner in Purple Night
  • Lancôme le stylo waterproof liner in Amethyst
  • Revlon colourstay liner in Topaz

DSC_0929 copy

Don’t get me wrong, I still rely on the blacks and browns, but every so often, I reach for the coloured liner when I’m feeling particularly expressive and adventurous.

What are your thoughts on coloured eyeliner – Love them or loathe them? What are your favourite colours?


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