About Me

I’m a self-confessed makeup lover who believes that there is no such thing as owning “too much makeup”, with an interest in all things beauty, lifestyle and food.

After a three year drought, I renewed my obsession with makeup. This gap has helped me rethink the way I approach beauty and makeup application. Gone are the days of just following social media trends blindly. Now I’m more selective of my products, tools and techniques – it’s all about understanding my features and above all embracing and accepting my uniqueness.

Skin tone: Olive Skin that tans easily

Skin type: Combination with an oily t-zone

Hair type: Coarse featuring a permafrizz

On weekends, I love taking time out of my incredibly busy day to catch up with family over a cup of tea. I believe that friendships are forged and most memorable moments are shared with a wonderful, steaming cup of Indian Chai and the accompanying munchies.