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Time flies by so fast. It was around this time three years ago that Mr Lubz and I took a mini break to our neighbours across the water – New Zealand. Our visit lasted only 14 days, but we managed to cover both the North and South islands. Our decision to drive across the islands was brilliant – we got to see New Zealand from a view that wasn’t filtered according to the tour guides. Not that there is anything wrong with going with a tour guide. Sometimes, it can be a relief not to have to think and plan for a trip and simply hand over the reigns to the safe hands of the tour guides. On top of that, making sure you’ve packed for the season and taken your essentials with you.

Redwood Forest

Speaking of packing, mine involves not just clothes, but beauty essentials too (beauty doesn’t take a break when you do!). While I would love to carry everything with me, sensibility sets in and honestly, I don’t really want to be one of those people who carries a huge suitcase just for their beauty products. It would probably be different if I were visiting some place like Korea or Paris, but it wouldn’t be me carrying stuff into the country, rather I’d need a suitcase for all the stuff I purchase from there!photo

So, what does one carry on a holiday trip? The answer to this question lies in the answer to “What are your absolute essentials?” If you had to strip all your products back down to the very basics, what would you carry with you? I guess this is another version of the Ride or Die tag.

nzI’ve broken this down into two parts so as not to bore you in one sitting (I’d rather bore you across multiple sittings ????). This year, I’m going to Kerala, India for the holidays. It’s hot, humid and definitely a change from the wintry climes of Melbourne. So, I’m tailoring my post to what I would need for a tropical holiday.

dsc_0649In this post, I’ll talk about skincare and the next one, I’ll focus on makeup.

In order to know what skincare products to carry with you, you need to understand the weather and climate of the area you’re visiting. Are you visiting in summer, winter, autumn or spring? What’s the climate like – hot and humid, cold and wintery or a bit of everything? If you know this, you can almost predict how your skin could react and carry what you need there. Of course, it would be easier if it is a place you’ve already visited and are familiar with; but sometimes, you just need to take the path less traveled on and start your journey. So, understand the weather and climate and adjust your essentials accordingly.

At a bare minimum, I carry these products with me. Just remember that you may not have enough luggage room for larger bottles and jars, so try to use the samples or depot into smaller ones.face-washes

Cleanser, Moisturizer and Rose Hip Oil

I’m carrying my Trilogy samples for this – I received these ages ago and can’t wait to try this out as I’ve read so many good reviews of the Trilogy products online.

Eye Cream

I use the Dr LeWinns luminosity day and night eye cream when the weather warms up. It has a thin consistency and feels quite lightweight on the skin. I love the roller applicator as it feels quite refreshing on the skin. I recommend this eye cream to brighten up under your eyes and to soothe your skin.

Hand Cream

We can’t forget the hands! I always have hand cream in my bag so I’m truly excited to try this one from L’Occitane out. It smells phenomenal and the tester in store felt absolutely moisturising. cleansing

Micellar Water

I use micellar water to remove eye makeup. This one is by Garnier, which is meant to be a dupe for the Bioderma. Now I haven’t tried the Bioderma myself, but at almost half the price, I’m happy with the performance. They now have a sensitive version and one for active skin.


I’ve been loving the Swisse hydrating mist toner. Not only is it fun to spritz on but so hydrating too! This is definitely a must for a tropical place as you can feel quite icky from the humidity and a good spritz will help calm your skin (and your nerves) down.

Face Mask

Since I know I’m going to a tropical place, I will be carrying my formula mud mask. The sudden change in temperature plus the pollution makes me prone to breakouts. So, this will help unclog those pores and keep it clean.


Don’t forget the deo! I usually carry a can of deo wherever I go, but when it’s a tropical place, I double (or sometimes quadruple) up. Don’t want to be stinky in a hot place! My new favourite deo is this Oud wood and Vanilla by Lynx. Yes, I know Lynx is a brand aimed mainly at men, but I can’t help it – I love the woodsy scent and I use it. Anyone else prefer deos that are mainly for the opposite sex?sunscreen-and-scrub


Sunscreen is essential! Don’t skip on your skin protection. I will be carrying my favorite Natural Instinct invisible sunscreen SPF 30. It sits well under makeup and gives me that protection from the sun.


This scrub from Aesop is a grating one, yet is quite gentle on the skin. The exfoliating component is from the quartz, which is one of the main ingredients in the scrub along with lactic acid. It doesn’t leave my skin raw from scrubbing nor does it ruin the ocean life because it does not contain microbeads.


Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are my favorite for carry on. They don’t leak and the added bonus of scaring everyone around you is just worth


I know hair is not part of skincare. But since this is an essential for me and not a makeup product, I’m including it in this post. My hair goes crazy in humid conditions. In Melbourne weather, I have a halo effect on my head, so you can imagine what it looks like when I go to the tropics (think Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – Season 10, where they go to Barbados). To counter that, I’m carrying my John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Serum with me. Smooths, Tames and helps reign in the frizziness so look less like a hobo.


So this my pared down minimalistic version of my skincare that I carry with me on my travels. What are yours?


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