Belle Botanicals

One of the things I love discovering in my quest to navigate the world of beauty and lifestyle are the Aussie brands of Skincare and Beauty products out there. One such discovery is Belle Botanicals; an Australian company started in 2016 with the aim of providing the highest quality skincare at affordable prices. I was recently sent some products by the company to test out and review*.

Green Clay Mask

Size: 250ml
Price: A$15.95

I was super excited by this mask. I love my masks and clay masks are like dark chocolate to me – I LOVE IT! The mask is a lovely green shade and it dries to a hard crust. So much so that you can’t pull faces as it dries down. The mask in itself has a slight tingling sensation as the ingredients work their way to get rid of impurities (I’ve noticed this tingling sensation with other masks that have Kaolin Clay as an ingredient). I use a flat foundation brush to apply this mask to my face – it cuts down on bacterial contact from your fingers and adds to the whole spa like experience. I waited 15 minutes and then rinsed off with warm water. My skin was bright, glowy and felt so soft. I am in love!

 Facial Moisturiser (Normal Skin)

Size: 125ml
Price: A$8.95

After the clay mask, this is my favourite product from the brand! It smells so herbal and inviting! I slather a lot of it day and night and I can’t help sniffing my hands after that. The scent carries through for about a 1/2 hour after use and it smells AMAZING! Even Mr Lubz commented about how great the smell was and reminded him of the time we went to a couples spa massage at Daylesford. The moisturiser is a bit thicker than a lotion and one of the ingredients makes my skin feel a bit warm when I rub it into my skin. The heat is not overpowering and uncomfortable, so don’t be alarmed.

Body Lotion

Price: A$8.95

This body lotion really reminds me of The Body Shop body butters, but is better. I’m not a huge fan of the body butters as I feel that my skin gets incredibly greasy from them. Plus, I’m not a fan how thick they are and that I have to keep rubbing it into my skin to make sure it absorbs well. This lotion is perfect – it’s a thin consistency (well, like that of a lotion of course), smells AWESOME (like passionfruit and mango) yet doesn’t feel greasy to the touch. It absorbs into the skin well and even an hour after application, the skin feels soft to the touch and the smell still lingers faintly.

Revitalising Body Scrub

Size: 250ml
Price: A$14.95

This is a sugar body scrub. The creamy base is easy to apply and you can smooth it over your skin without being too abrasive. It’s quite interesting how gentle this scrub is. I use it in the shower on dry skin – scrub well and then wash it off. I’m not a big fan of the scent but I do like the way it makes my skin feel. Especially when using the body moisturiser after the scrub.

Lip Balm

Size: 15ml
Price: A$12.95 (three pack)

I’m not a huge user of lip balms. I find them a greasy and it gets everywhere. Plus a lot of the lip balms I’ve tried have this fake scent/taste to them that it just puts me off. I’m on the fence about these lip balms too. They are super soft to the touch and feel very moisturising. I found that the strawberry lip balm had a bit of grit to it, which could be the seeds or perhaps some of the oil in the balm solidified? I didn’t mind it too much though – the grittiness did exfoliate the lips a bit as I wiped them down. Of the two lip balms I received, I preferred the strawberry over the chocolate. For me, the chocolate one didn’t have the same appeal as the strawberry balm.

Overall Thoughts

I’m so grateful for being invited to review these products. There are some tweaks I would love to see on some products, e.g. how long can I leave the face mask on? There were some true favourites and ones that appealed to me much more than others. I haven’t used these products long enough to see visible differences in my skin. The products are Australian, botanical based and cruelty free. Best of all, it’s affordable! I will definitely be getting the mask and the moisturiser again once I run out. You can view the ingredients list and shop the entire range at the Belle Botanicals website.

Have you tried Belle Botanicals? Which product appeals to you the most? 

*Disclaimer: The products were sent to me for review, but my opinions are my own. 


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