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Welcome to part two of my three-part series on Black Liner (I did mention in my previous post that I tend to ramble when it comes to this topic).

I used to have a love-hate relationship with liquid liners – I loved them; yet the feeling wasn’t mutual. Try as I may, I couldn’t get the liner to give me the results that I wanted. I was envious of the women with their polished liner and wings sharp enough to cut through the negativity of the day. Try as I may, I could never replicate the looks they had going on.

On top of that, back then the liquid liners didn’t perform as well as they do now. Most of the liners I tried resulted in a patchy, inconsistent mess (ummm…. what was that phrase about bad workers and their tools?).

It was only at the end of last year that I rekindled my affair with liquid liners. And I started off with…

Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye LinerStila

This was the first liquid liner I purchased from Mecca Maxima. It was part of a trial pack in store; to be honest, I was drawn in by the blue liner that came with the pack. When the lovely sales assistant have me a demonstration of the liner, I was onto it!

This liner has a tapered felt tip applicator that allows for you to play up your liner – precise liner for the inner corner or a nice wing on the outside. I like to lay the liner flat against my lid as close to the lash line as I can so I get most out of the liner without too much effort.

The best part about this liner is the spring mechanism in the lid; it helps pump more liner ink onto the felt tip without having to touch it with your fingers or the back of your hand. Leaves the liner hygienic and less prone to transfer bacteria from your hands.

I would call this a long lasting liner, but not a waterproof one. It doesn’t smudge nor transfer, but it does run when crying or when rained on. Keep this in mind if you decide to wear this for an event that could end up with you crying or near water that could potentially splash on you – on a boat, wedding, funeral, a surprise engagement near a fountain, a carnival or a water theme park.

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbusterblackbuster

This liner reminds me of a sharpie marker. It has a short pointed bullet tip. I really love using this liner to achieve a great graphic look. You can get a thin liner if you want, but I prefer this one for those bold graphic lines.

The ink on this liner is deep black and is long wearing. It doesn’t run when you get teary, which means it’s perfect for engagements – surprise or otherwise, first dates to a tear jerker of a movie (or one that’s going to make you laugh until you cry). I have worn this liner to work and then an after work social gathering and it’s stayed on for hours!

For a budget buy, this is a fantastic liner!  It delivers a high quality result that’s a great rival to the high end products! !

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour High Intensity Liquid Eye Liner


This is a recent purchase for me, but I’m already in love with it. This is a limited edition liner that came out with the Golden Opulence Quad eyeshadow and I purchased it from David Jones on markdown.

It has a similar felt tip applicator as the Stila liner. The weight of the liner feels comfortable in the hand; it just feels right (what was that story about Goldilocks? One was too hot, one was too cold and one was just right). 

From the get go, the liner is precise and works beautifully! It doesn’t pick up eyeshadow from my lids, rather just lines it properly with a liner of my choice – thin and precise, or graphic or a simple wing.

It doesn’t come with the mechanical spring action to pump more ink into the felt tip and so far I haven’t experienced any issues; but once the quantity of liner ink goes down, I wonder how it will perform. I guess I will have to wait and see. I’ve had some women come and compliment me on my liner and how fine it looks (thank you Elizabeth Arden!).

Rimmel Colour Precise Eye LinerRimmel

I was so impressed with the Stila liner that when Chemist Warehouse had the 50% sale on cosmetics, I quickly nabbed this one up! If it looked similar to the high end product and performed just as well, I’m onto it like white on rice (or tandoori on chicken).

This liner unfortunately didn’t wow me, which is a shame as I LOVE Rimmel products (The One lipstick is divine!). I don’t know if I got a dud because this one was patchy and inconsistent and all the issues that I’d experienced years ago came screaming back to me.

This liner picked up more eyeshadow from my lids than apply liner to it. And the liner came out greenish black and patchy. It didn’t provide a precise line either as the felt tip was quite stiff and I couldn’t get liner ink into it well.

Update: I contacted Rimmel about my liner and they were so kind to send me a soft kohl pencil and the exaggerate liquid liner as compensation. Now THAT’S what great customer service looks like. The liquid liner is similar to ones I’ve used before (such a rush of nostalgia when I saw the product). I shall review these on Instagram soon. 

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The next post is all about Gel and Cake Liners – stay tuned!

Do you use Liquid Liners? What are your highly recommended liquid liners? 


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