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Bring French Chic In The New Year With Bourjois

Welcome back lovelies! It certainly has been a while. I took some time off over the holidays to just unwind – I have my whole family PLUS my in-laws visiting and it’s hard to try to stick a bit of blogging in the middle of all the trips, and cooking over and above the chores.

Anyway, 2017 was all about the matte lipstick for me. I love my Huda Beauty products and I loved the Aisa Cosmetic lipsticks. But, coming in close to the holiday season was the launch of Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipsticks*. These are meant to be the bullet versions of the Rouge Velvet edition liquid lipsticks.


From the outset, these lipsticks look like any other modern bullet lipsticks in the affordable market. The plastic packaging is quite sturdy and the lid clicks quite easily into the base. The lipstick is shaped like a teardrop to allow for maximum precision of product application. Essentially, use the pointy side to line the outer edges of the lips and the wider side to fill in.

Product Colour

The Rouge Velvet The Lipsticks come in 12 shades ranging from light nudes to a deep brown.

I received the following shades as PR Samples:

03 Hyppink Chic – a light pinky nude

05 Brique a Brac – a dusty rose pink

07 Joli Carmin’ois – a classic orange red

11 Berry Formidable – a deep (almost vampy) berry shade

I also purchased the following shades myself:

08 Rubi’s Cute – a blue based red

09 Fuchsia Botte – a blue based striking pink

Texture and Staying Power

The lipsticks have a creamy formula that feels like a hybrid between a traditional bullet and a product with a gel like consistency. They are most comparable to the Colourpop Lippie Stix Matte X range. They feel a bit too soft when it comes to lining the lips. This is not so much an issue with the lighter shades; but when you wear a deep shade like Berry Formidable, you want to have some semblance of a precise application. A deep lip colour emphasises uneven lips almost instantly. My work around that is to use a matching lip liner. (I use ColourPop Lippie Liner in Clique as a perfect match to Joli Carmin’ois).

Like pretty much most of the Bourjois lipstick range, the Rouge Velvet The Lipsticks have a slightly strong fragrance to it. The smell is strong enough to last about 15 minutes of wear time; then dissipates. It is strongest when the lipstick is brand new. The overall scent dies down from the bullet within about 6 uses. I don’t smell the fragrance on the regularly used colours; but when I purchased the shade Fuchsia Botte, I was hit with the scent again!

Wear time is excellent on these products – about 6 – 8 hours of wear time before it starts to breaks down. There is minimal transfer onto cups and utensils. When I say break down, I mean, the product transfers off in the inner centre of the lip, while the outer edges still look very polished and fresh. And even then, the lips are left tinted with a hint of the overall colour.

All the lipsticks performed just as well as each other – bar one. 08 Rubi’s Cute was the surprising disappointing shade in the bunch. Not only did it wear incredibly patchy, it also felt heavy and crumbly from the get go. Which is sad really because I really really wanted this shade – even went to three different Priceline stores to find it. I don’t know if I purchased a bad product, or if that’s how it performs. I checked other online reviews and none have called out Rubi’s Cute as being particularly problematic.

Overall Thoughts

These lipsticks absolutely blew my mind!

What I loved about them

– Longevity of a matte liquid lipstick

– One swipe intensity that lasts for ages

– Lightweight feel

– No bleeding and movement – they set fast

– Velvet result that does not look like your life is being sucked out from your lips

My gripes with the lipsticks

– Has a slightly strong fragrance to it (especially when new)

– Sometimes can be a bit too soft to trace that precise line across the lips. This is especially important to note for the deeper colours like Berry Formidable and Brunette

  • Rubi’s Cute is an absolute disappointment. I just couldn’t get the formula to work for me

– The teardrop shape took me a while to get used to when it came to application

I’m absolutely loving the whole high intensity colour of these lipsticks, the texture and the lasting power is just incredible. My favourites from the range are (obviously) the red – Joli Carmin’ois and the pink shade Fuschia Botte. I’ve also found a way to make these look like a lip stain – use your fingers to smudge the colour across the lips for that lived in look. Especially beautiful for when you’re wearing the deeper shades.

The lipsticks retail for $24.95 per product and are available at Priceline. But, just wait for the sales and you’d get them at a much more budget friendly price.

Have you tried these lipsticks? Which shade appeals to you the most?bourjois rouge velvet matte lipsticks

*Some of these products were sent to me for review. I liked them so much, I went out and bought more shades from the collection. Being gifted as PR products does not sway my review and my opinion remains the same.


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