Bobbi Brown mama makeup routine

Fresh in a Flash: This Busy Mama’s 5 Minute Makeup Routine

Hey lovely people! Hope the start of winter hasn’t been too harsh for you. Make sure you rug up and try not to let the heater run rampant in your household.


Today’s post has a bit of reality and a dash of sarcastic humour to it. I’m sure many mama’s out there can relate to this.


You know of my love for a reasonably dramatic makeup look. And with reasonably dramatic, I mean what I can realistically achieve in a fleetingly short period of time. Being a mama of a little boy means that I am no stranger to the shenanigans that little kids are undoubtedly up to. For instance, I once found strange red markings on my one pristinely white bed sheet; my son somehow got into my makeup box and decided that a round of redecorating is overdue – using my cream blush. Honestly, it was like a scene from a horror movie.


Luckily Chux magic eraser and some Sugar Soap worked wonders in removing all residues of my son’s artwork.


This just means that I have precious little time to get ready; and applying makeup is like this luxurious experience for me. If I do get some time to doll myself up, it’s all about cheats and shortcuts to achieve some level of Insta-worthy makeup to go out.


Believe it or not, regardless of my makeup stash (which is getting out of control BTW), I actually do a very simple makeup look when it comes to leaving the house. I’m talking a simple base, easy blush and some semblance of an eye makeup look. So, today’s post is all about my regular makeup routine for everyday.

Always start off with a good base – and especially in winter, the need for an illuminating base is important. One of my new favourite products is the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm in Bare Glow*. This product provide such a natural looking glow to the skin – for that ethereal looking skin. It also helps that this product smells IN-CREDI-BLE!!

To continue with a natural flush of colour on the cheeks, I always reach out for a cream blush as that’s the only way to make the product work in synergy with the base and essentially give you a result that screams “expensive looking skin”. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in the shade Pale Pink* is a great way to achieve a natural colouring to your face. Pat with fingers to blend product into the skin and blur out any “seams or edges” to the blush.Bobbi Brown mama makeup routine
Time to dress up the eyes. While I love wearing eyeshadow, sometimes, I just haven’t got enough time to apply eyeshadow; or actually, I have way too many brushes to wash and I’m not about to risk an eye infection for the sake of makeup. So, just liner for me today thanks. And yes, sometimes, I will grab the nearest clean brush to apply the product – even if it is a brow brush with stiff bristles. My go to product for long wearing liner without any of the smudging and the smearing the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner. I’m currently trialling the one in the shade Caviar Ink, which is a good swing away from classic black.

By this time, the little one would show up asking “whatchu doing mama”? And then you start to juggle makeup application while fending off tiny fingers that want to grab everything in sight.Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara mama makeup routine

Finish off with the Smokey Eye Mascara – man, I love a good mascara with a bristle wand. And this one ticks all the boxes for me. It separates and lengthens the lashes for a good while. While it doesn’t hold the curl for too long; but I’m not mad at it.

At this point, the house is eerily quiet, which can only mean one thing – someone is up to no good! Time to run out to find out what that experiment is.Bobbi Brown mama makeup routine

For the finishing touch, (which is usually in the car parking lot), just before stepping foot out of the vehicle, you gotta apply the lipstick. The new Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour is a new age lipstick that is perfect for winter. The petal powder texture is absolutely light yet delivers powerful pigment that is buildable for your preferred level of intensity.

I am trialling the shade Watermelon*, which is this fresh colour that instantly brightens up your face and is so perfect for when everything else is dull and drab and cold and rainy outside. While it doesn’t have the lasting power of a matte liquid lipstick, it is quite hydrating. Not to mention forgiving for people who are prone to super dry cracked lips during the harsh winter climates.

And there you have it – my “busy mama’s 5 minute makeup look” using few products to give you a great result in a flash.Bobbi Brown mama makeup routine


So, tell me….what are your tips to getting ready in a flash?

Bobbi Brown can be purchased at Myer, Mecca and at the following links: Crushed Lip Colour, Moisture Illuminating Balm, Pot Rouge.

*These products were sent to me by Estee Lauder Companies for editorial purposes, but that does not sway my review in the any way. My blog post is my own honest opinion.


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