Review: McArthur Skincare

Hello beautiful people. When a local brand reaches out with products that contain natural ingredients and no-gimmicky claims, my interest piques and I’m all ears (well, that would be a scary view – all ears). I’ve seen McArthur Skincare¬†products around the Instagram universe and the reviews have been great. So when the brand got in […]

Review: LVL Hair Straightening Brush

Hair Straightening brushes are the exciting new trend to hit the shelves. The idea to combine a brush and a heat styler is a brilliant one. There are so many brands out there for different budgets and it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right one. Today’s post is about the Hair Straightening […]

Review: Hairstyla

New year – new hair…At least that’s what I’d like to think when I take that effort to style my hair. But come about a month later and I usually find my hair tied back in a bun or a (super messy) ponytail with my frizz standing on end trying to make contact with the […]