Colourpop No Filter Foundation and No Filter Concealer

Colourpop No Filter Foundation : Is It Worth The Hype?

Colourpop released a whole range of complexion products in their No Filter and the internet went a little crazy.

Why, you ask?

  • Budget friendly price point of USD 12
  • 42 shades across different skin tones

So, one sleepless night when my son just WOULD NOT go to sleep, I made my purchase in my #mombie state.Colourpop No Filter Foundation and No Filter Concealer

My haul included:

No Filter foundation – shade Medium Dark 120

No Filter foundation – shade Medium Dark 135

No Filter concealer – shade Medium Dark 32

No Filter loose setting powder – shade Banana

Luster Dust Loose Highlight – shade Pose

Blotted Lip – shade Candyfloss

Blotted Lip – shade On A Stick

– Foundation Brush (gift with purchase)

Here’s a funny story about the Colourpop purchase: so I made my purchases at 3am and felt mildly satisfied.

When I woke up at 9am, I realised that I forgot to use the promo code to get the free brush. I promptly contacted customer care to ask to add the brush in. They were as helpful as a sopping sponge on a wet tabletop (read: not really). Their solution was for me to cancel my current order, place another one and put in the promo code to get the brush.

Now, most people would look at that process and go “nup, too hard basket”, but not me. My inner Indian was woke and said, we have to get this free brush no matter what!

And yes, I did cancel my order and placed a new one just for a free brush.

By this point, I hadn’t even checked out reviews by other bloggers. So I was buying blind.

FoundationColourpop No Filter Foundation and No Filter Concealer

The shades I bought – 120 and 135 were from the medium dark range. The issue I have with ordering products like foundation online is that it can be a hit or miss when it comes to shade matching. Especially for a brand like Colourpop, which doesn’t stock physical product here on Aussie shores. Take advantage of the colour matching option on their website: you put in the shade of the foundation you use in another brand and Colourpop will suggest a colour to match.

These foundations have a very liquid consistency (quite similar to the NYX Total Control Drop foundation). You gotta dot the product onto your face ASAP else, its gonna run everywhere!

The No Filter foundation has the smell typical to the drugstore or affordable foundations: quite similar to Maxfactor and Bourjois.

Applying the No Filter Foundation

Colourpop No Filter Foundation and No Filter Concealer
Shade 120 on the left and shade 135 on the right

Application is quite easy, use any tools at your disposal – fingers, brushes, sponges – whatever you prefer. I personally find that a flat brush works best to lay product on to the skin, followed by a buffing brush to smooth on. And having the foundation be so runny actually works in your favour. You have enough time to smooth product on to your face and buff away to glory.

For such a thin product, this has surprisingly high coverage. So, again make sure you buff and blend as it can be quite obvious if you try to skip this process. Once it starts to dry, it lends a natural satin matte finish. Which is quite nice actually.

Now on to shade: the two shades I picked were slight matches to my skin. They were not perfect matches. In fact, shade 135 was a great match to the back of my hand. But, unfortunately, they got a lot more ashy/pale than when freshly applied. The ashiness of the product is further emphasised when using flash photography.


I did not like this finish a few hours after it settles down. For some reason, it looked all sorts of cakey on my face. And definitely aged me a lot more. It’s like as if the pigments lifted off the base and left me with a mask like effect. I gave this a good go –

  • Using fingers (thinking that the heat from my fingers would help meld the product to my skin)
  • Using different primers (YSL Primer, Murad Invisiblur primer)
  • Used it over a heavily moisturised face
  • Using range of brushes – synthetic kabuki, natural kabuki, domed buffing and flat foundation brush
  • Using a Beauty Blender
  • Drenching my face in setting spray

I’ve got to call it – this didn’t work for me. In fact, my skin couldn’t handle it and I had a reaction. And that’s when I decided we need to break up.

Lasting Power

This foundation lasted a good 2-3 hours before areas on my oily t-zone started to break the foundation down. And when it does break down, it does look quite obvious (especially on the bridge of my nose – almost akin to peeling paint).

By the 2 hour mark, the foundation gets quite crease-y when it breaks down and bunches along the corners of my nose, my mouth and the bridge of my nose.

So, it starts off looking amazing and fresh; then gets quite caked up in certain areas of my face – my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, and my upper lip. And I never have issues with these areas of my face with other foundations. Plus, it broke me out bad! I wont be using this one again.

ConcealerColourpop No Filter Foundation and No Filter Concealer

Now, I was looking forward to trying this “best concealer since sliced bread” – the No Filter concealer.

Much like Ross and Rachel, I’ve been on and off with concealer. But in the past few months, I’ve been really taking the time to use concealer to prevent my dark circles from going full on panda eyes.


The concealer has a slightly creamy consistency, which makes it easy to blend. You can use a brush, sponge or even fingers to blend. My preference is to use fingers – the warmth of my digits helps blend the product seamlessly.

ColourColourpop No Filter Foundation and No Filter Concealer

The shade Medium Dark 32 is this great mix of light and dark for my skin. There is enough luminosity in the concealer to illuminate, subtly. The slightly golden undertone for this concealer is great to match my skin.


The pigmentation in the No Filter concealer is INTENSE. Granted, not the same intensity as shape tape, but still up there in terms of coverage. Once applied, it does set to a luminous, natural matte result. If you’re expecting flat matte, this is not the concealer for you.

What I do love about this concealer is that it does not crease. Even about 9-10 hours into the day, when my foundation has already ditched me; this concealer is like that best friend who is with you to keep an eye out for potential creeps at the party.

This concealer works best when it’s set with light dusting of powder. You don’t need to bake with this on.

Overall ThoughtsColourpop No Filter Foundation and No Filter Concealer

The Colourpop No Filter concealer is up there giving my high end versions a run for their money. At a fraction of the cost, these are definitely worth the spend. I’ve already added this to my routine and it’s staying there.

Do the Colourpop No Filter foundations live up to the hype? They certainly are quite pigmented with full coverage on the get go. My only gripe is that it just didn’t work for me despite all the ways I tried to make it work.

On that note, I better bid you farewell. Stay tuned for the next post reviewing the remaining products from my haul.

You can get the Colourpop No Filter Foundation here and the No Filter Concealer here. Read all about my other Colourpop Reviews here.

Colourpop No Filter Foundation and No Filter Concealer


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