Designing For The Future: What’s Old is New Again

Hey everyone! Today’s post is going to be slightly different from the norm. I usually talk about product reviews and looks I created based on current trends. But today’s post looks past the current and a little bit into the future.

Before I can talk about future trends, we need to address the history and the current. But I’m not going to bore you into a whole historical lecture on this. My beauty guru Lisa Eldridge talks briefly about this on in a cute YouTube video (here). She has even published a book tited “Face Paint” where she discusses not just past trends but even their historical significance too. The book is a great read for the beauty junkie and those interested the importance of makeup in an anthropological setting.

What’s Old is New Again

Makeup through the decades
Photo courtesy of Mike Gibson Artwork

One of the things that stands out for me is the recurring theme of “What’s old is new again”. I mean you see it everywhere. Vintage is in. But before you start pulling out your grandma’s clothes from storage – remember to take from the style and put your own twist on it.

A quick search on Instagram will lead you to current trends – the bushy yet well defined eyebrows, flawless skin with bronzed contours, highlight that resembles the reflection from a mirror and overdrawn pouts. Not to mention the supremely technical smokey eye.

One thing I sort of think about is what would the future hold? I’m sure that you would have come across the meme of the eyemakeup trends over the decades.

So what does this mean for the future trends in makeup?

All About The Base

nyx total control drop foundation
NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

Following on the current trends, I believe the focus will be on continuing to achieve a flawless, even complexion with minimally cakey looking result. The current base products have adaptive technology to not just match the skin tone it is applied on, but also to give an overall even result. Not to mention long lasting and a lightweight feel on the skin. An example is one of my favourite foundations – the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation – a liquid foundation with customisable coverage. I also envisage that this technology will be more accessible with more affordable brands.

Highlight will continue to grow. I believe the highlighting trend will branch out into multiple forms – on the one hand, you have the subtle highlight focusing on a natural glow. On the other hand, the more theatrical highlight will still continue to exist. As long as social media stars feature OTT makeup concepts, strobing highlight will still be popular.

Back to Basics

future of makeup
Everyday makeup in the future?

Colour in eye makeup will continue to vary according to the seasons. The underlying popularity will be on neutrals – browns favoured over black; subtlety being the key word. Think of the classic looks that were made iconic over the decades. I’m talking Princess Diana, Twiggy, the supermodels of the earlier generation. The looks they wore were so easy to replicate for the everyday woman. Lots of neutral smoky eyes, quick looks that focused more on the flawless skin as opposed to heavily caked makeup.

Brows will also transform over the years. The defined brows will continue to live on. They will just be a skinnier version of what’s most commonly seen nowadays.

Blush will play a big role in the look. The focus will be on neutral tones that mimic the natural flush of colour present in the cheeks. Contour and bronzer will continue to feature heavily. The focus will be on colours to naturally create shape and definition in the face.

Lips will be soft yet buildable. The day look will feature rosy tones, neutral blushed shades. The current trend of matte lipsticks will be replaced by satin counterparts. The sheen will be subtle yet a statement especially when combined with a neutral soft eye.

The Alternate Universe

As with all fields of life, the expressive rebels will break from the norm to represent their artistic views. They will reclaim their vibrant colours that mainstream media took from them. Long before these weird and wacky colours were normalised in everyday society, the rebels were already showcasing their individuality. They did so by wearing products deemed “unacceptable” by the general population and stomping out the cookie cutter concepts that was seen during the time. I’ve seen flashing LED false lashes; currently being battery powered to flash. But with the pace of current technology, I can see that the wires connected to the battery will be obsolete.

We live in a time where everyone is allowed to experiment with beauty and bring out what the term means to them. Be it the defined brow or the flawless skin. The future is defined by the user in itself. I believe that the term what’s old is new again is a very true representation of what the future holds for us.

Note: this is purely my interpretation of what the future of makeup could look like. Game changing advances in technology could totally change the landscape of what makeup means to us.

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