GRWM: Cara Delevigne Mermaid Metallic Inspired Look

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I am a big fan of Lisa Eldrige and in my eyes, she rules the makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Recently, a friend of mine from the blogoverse Kathy Lei (I actually “met” her on Instagram after spotting her holiday photos of Dubai) recreated Lisa’s metallic mermaid look that she posted on YouTube. This was a look that Lisa did on Cara Delevigne for a party. The look featured a lot of blues, aquamarines, teals and even had a glam of gold in the inner corner. The skin is fresh while the lips are pared down to keep the focus on the eyes.

Ever since spotting the look on YouTube and then on Kathy‘s account, I was totally keen to recreate the look myself. Plus, it’s an excuse for me to bust out my Colourpop shadow in Coconut, which I haven’t really used other than to do swatches and the most subtle of details (smudged on the lower lash line).


Since there could be a bit of fall out, I start the look with my eyes. It’s easier to clean up after the eyes so that the foundation remains clear of fall out. Eye primer helps to keep the shadow last a lot longer, so I’m reaching for my go-to: Put a Lid on It by theBalm cosmetics. Next, I grab a base shadow that’s pretty much a neutral nude shade (I’m using the shadow from Sleek All Day Soiree eye and cheek palette), I pat it onto the lid to set the eye primer.

Next up comes all the layering. First, I use my Colourpop shadow in Coconut to set the colours on the lid. I concentrate this on the centre of the lid and leave the outer edges bare. I find Colourpop shadows work best with fingers. Next, grabbing my Dior palette in Jardin, I layer on the deep blue shade but I only focus this on the outer edges of Coconut. This provides a beautiful blurred transition between the bright blue and the more muted shade. Blending is key for this look, so spend the time with your crease brush blending away the edges. If you need to, go back in with Coconut and just pat in the centre of the lid to make it pop!

To line my lids, I’m using a Colorbar kohl liner in Just Blue. This is a deep enough shade to provide a bit of contrast over Coconut. Alternatively, you can go in with a  black liner. Draw the liner from the middle of lash line to the outer corner. Leave the inner corner bare as we’re going in with some gold! Next up – you guessed it, GOLD! I’m using the Colorbar liner in Gold. On the lower lash line, go in with the same deep blue liner as you used before. I’m going in with Colorbar kohl liner in Just Teal. This provides enough of a contrast to the eyes that will make it pop.

Lots of mascara (definitely required) and false lashes (optional) help elevate this look. I’m using my new favourite – Marc Jacobs volumising mascara for this look – top and bottom lashes. Apply a coating of clear brow gel to keep the brows in place (Milani Clear brow gel)


Now clean up all the fallout from the eyeshadow using a face wipe or even a cotton round soaked in micellar water.

Prime the skin for luminosity – I’m using the YSL touche eclat blurring primer. For foundation, I’m using the Natural Glamour creme foundation. It’s light texture and velvet finish give a great natural result to the skin.

For blush, I’m going really light a natural look as I want the focus to be the eyes. Using a fluffy brush I grab the Milani Luminous blush in Tea Rose. Tap away all the excess and using the lighteat of touch, smooth fluff on some colour to the cheeks. Highlight as necessary – I’m using the highlight from the Maybelline Brick bronzer. It’s a cool toned highlight that gives a subtle result to the skin.


Focus on this look is on the eyes, leaving everything else muted. For the lips, I’m first laying down the groundwork with my Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in Nude. I’m using this not just to line my lips, but to fill it in as well. This will ensure that even if the lipstick fades off, it won’t look too patchy. Next, I layer on my Maybelline Color Jolt lip paint in Stripped Down. This is a perfect nude shade and feels comfortable on the lips. Blot and reapply the lipstick for added staying power.

You’re all set. A mermaid metallic inspired look. I know this is a far cry from my everyday look, but sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and play with makeup. Because isn’t that what it’s all about – besides, it will wash away (unless you’re using permanent marker – which again, will wash away, it will just take a lot longer to do so). hehe

What do you think folks? Is this something you would try? 


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