GRWM: Holiday Party Look

December is fast approaching, which means that the holiday season celebrations are ramping up. And I mean office functions and family events. And so, I have a couple of get ready with me posts coming up. Hopefully the looks I present to you will inspire you for your own looks and events.

First up is a twist on a classic smoky eye. Instead of relying wholly on black, I’m adding subtle colour as accents. Because it’s fun!


A clean base is key – I’m using a combination of Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation in Tan and the L’Oreal True Match Foundation in 6N. This combination matches my skintone beautifully especially in at the start of summer. Setting it with the Revlon pressed powder in Translucent makes sure it lasts all day.


Tools needed:
– Blending brush
– Flat Shadow brush (I’m using the Lottie Concealer brush for this)
– Pencil brush

Use a kohl liner to create a messy line on your upper lid – start closest to your lashes and work your way to the inner corner of the eye. I’m using the Kohl liner by Himalaya Herbals but a similar one would be the Pitch Black Kajal liner by Maybelline or anything that’s really soft and smudges easily. Use the pencil brush to smudge it over the lid, right up to the crease. Using a clean blending brush, blend the edges around the crease. Repeat over the lower lid, extending as far as you want to. Give it a couple of seconds to set so that the next layer of colour will have something to hold on to.

Using a flat brush, grab a coloured shadow. You have a couple of options – powder vs cream shadows. When using the powder shadows, make sure you tap off the excess to reduce fallout. For a cream shadow, apply a bit on the back of your hand (or makeup palette) and work the shadow into your brush. The next part is the same for both powder as well as cream shadows and that is to pat the colour over the lid.

I’m using Gilded Cage Revelation shadow no. 8 Jewelled Aubergine. This is a cream shadow that sets to a powder after which you can forget about it shifting or gliding around (aka panda eyes). The shimmer reminds me of kids glitter glue (I LOVED the stuff – who else is with me??) and adds a colourful dimension to the inky blackness of the kohl liner. For added depth, I’ve also smudged in some of my Becca Jewel Dust in Nissa (a beautiful brown green shimmer) over the top and blended in well. I blended in a little bit of the Gilded Cage Revelation shadow no. 23 Rose Gold with the Jewelled Aubergine as a highlight in the inner corner. img_20161118_120030

Line the waterline (and tightline if you’re feeling brave – I certainly am going to attempt it – all in the name of beauty!) using the same kohl liner or use a long lasting or waterproof one. Curl your lashes and add coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes – for events, I like to use my Benefit They’re Real mascara. For an additional glammed va va voom look, you can also include false lashes. I am skipping the falsies for another time.

Don’t forget your brows – I’m filling in my brows with my Rimmel Brow This Way palette.


Line your lips with lipliner and layer lipstick on top. I’m using Alejandro from the Tom Ford Lips and Boys collection. While this looks like it clashes with the shadow, after eating and drinking, it fades down to a beautiful shimmering stain.

Cheeks and Highlight20161118_122427-01

The cheeks need some colour so I’m using my Milani Rose blush. It’s subtle yet so fresh!

Finally, let’s not forget to give the face some lovin’ and by that I mean light me up! I’m grabbing my latest fave – my preciousssss! highlight by Sleek MakeUp in Precious Metals. (Please tell me you got the Lord of the Rings reference).

Take a step back and assess the final result. Use the cotton buds with a bit of foundation to clean up any stray smudges and errors. And now you’re ready to mingle, boogy and have fun while looking glamorous with minimal effort.

I hope I have provided you with inspiration for your upcoming events. Do post your looks on Instagram and tag me #lubzsays on your photos so I can see your take on this look. Have fun and don’t forget to subscribe for regular updates. 


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