GRWM: Spring Day (Milani Cosmetics)

Hey everyone!

We’re well into spring. There is a nip in the air – that wonderful spring chill; but the days are nice and warm, a beautiful reminder that the weather is slowly but surely changing. Which makes it the perfect inspiration for today’s post. The sun shines bright really early in the morning and it’s only after I start my day and sit down with my cup of chai that I realise it’s only 6:30am! ????????

Today’s look is all about embracing the changing weather; shedding the dullness for a more brighter outlook. The look also involves few products, which means it’s low maintenance; but without sacrificing impact. So let’s get started, shall we?

The most important step to any look is to prep. Today, I’m relying on my Dr LeWinns cream with SPF 30. While this is not my favorite of the Dr LeWinns range, it is light enough for spring and provides me with that SPF factor that I find sufficient for a day in the office. On top of this, I use my Elizabeth Arden primer (#rideordie) and let it absorb in.

Today’s look features products from American affordable cosmetics brand, Milani. All products I’ve used are less than $20.



I’m using the Milani Conceal and Perfect 2 in 1 foundation in Tan today. It has great coverage without looking like there’s too much makeup on. When browsing the website, I selected a shade that I thought would match my tone. But when I received the product, it’s a touch too dark for me. I was devastated until I remembered my icon Lisa Eldridge say that you can use a foundation that’s a shade darker in thin layers when aiming for a warm spring look. This will give you a hint of glow which will make people wonder whether you’ve just come back from holiday. But the key to this look is thin layers of foundation and taking your time to blend blend blend. Cake on the foundation and you go from sunkissed to oompa loompa.

While I’m at it on the foundation for spring, I like to skip concealer and use a tiny brush to make my teeny tiny little imperfections – sun spots, little pimples, redness, etc disappear.

Note: The fragrance on this product is strong! When swatching it on the back of my hand, I took a big whiff of it (please tell me it’s not just me and that you guys do it too!) and it was like a punch in the nose. Whoo!

This foundation gives a good coverage with a dewy finish. Dewy is great for spring as it gives you a sort of luminous glow. But if you’re looking for a matte / velvet finish, you can use a powder to set your makeup.

I noticed that the foundation wears well for about 4 hours; it does not break down nor does it make your skin feel clogged and heavy. But as the weather warms up, my t-zone tends to get oily and it starts showing through around the 4 hour mark. So, people with oily or combination skin will definitely need to blot away the oil or touch up with a powder.


Price: $13.9520161104_095109-01

Today, I’m skipping the heavy smokey eye and using just one shade on the entire lid. It’s simple, quick and fresh! I’m using the Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Sand. The website says this is a Gel eyeshadow that quickly transforms into a powder as you blend it out. The shadows have three finishes – satin matte, shimmer and iridescent mettalic. Sand is a shimmer shadow, but it has that really refined shimmer that makes your eyes look like you’re using expensive products.

For a day look, I use a fluffy brush to smooth the shadow all over my lid leaving the crease bare. This shadow is absolutely a breeze to use – it literally took me 5 seconds to apply. The colour payoff is great and smooth to blend. It has a slight cooling feeling on application. In the pan, it reminds me of a soft sand dune that you can just dive into.


Price: $10.9520161104_093955-01

Liner is essential for me – even if it’s a swipe in the waterline. For a day look, I line close to my lashes and depending on how I feel (or how much of a rush I’m in) I do the tiniest wing at the end. It just makes my lashes looks more voluminous at the base.

The Supreme Kohl Kajal eyeliner is a deeply pigmented black liner. It goes on smoothly without catching nor dragging the skin on the lid.

Foundation, Shadow, Liner done!

What do you think of the packaging? The liner is quite slender – quite similar to ones I’ve seen from Asian beauty shops. And that gold colour is definitely hard to miss! Such an eye catching shade!


Price: $17.9520161104_094342-01

I love using mascara to keep me looking awake especially when I’m probably sleep deprived. The teal shade of the mascara tube is very reminiscent of summer and the beach waves. This mascara has a curved plastic wand with short bristles. I went in dreading the result because I hate plastic wands. This mascara really surprised me. The name Lash Trifecta performed two of it’s namesake characteristics – it lengthened and separates the lashes, though I didn’t find it too volumising. My lashes were left fluttery, and it lasted a fair while. It is not waterproof so, in case of tears and waterworks, this mascara may not work for you.


Price: $11.9520161104_094429-01

I’m super laid back when it comes to brows. I’ve tried gels, pencils and powders on my brows and I prefer to just have my brows just combed through. I hardly use brow products and my Instagram feed will be testament to that. This brow gel seems to do the job – set the brows without leaving it too crunchy for a natural finish. The brows look feathery and kept together with this product.



Blush is essential for that youthful glow. When going into spring / start of summer, I tend to stay away from the overly contoured and bronzed face as it would be a stark difference to my “winter face”. I like to ease myself into bronzer. Plus today’s look is simple and quick to achieve. A light dusting of blush using a large fluffy brush will give you the softest glow.



This is the highlight of the look. I was so excited when I received this lipstick with the name of Ruby Valentine. This is a mixture of red and pink. On me, it looks Like a deeply blushed shade with a slight hint of red. For a day look, I use my fingers to apply to my lips. It gives you a wonderfully natural stained look without being too over the top. Quick and easy.

There you have it folks – a quick and fresh look for spring.20161104_102644-01

You can shop all the products I used and even more on the Milani website.

Note: all products for this look were gifted to me by the company. All reviews and opinions are my own.

Let me know in the comments section what you think of the look. Have you used Milani products before? 


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