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Haul – Duty Free Edition (Tom Ford)

I’ve been keeping my travel plans on the down low because Mr Lubz and I had a plan to surprise everyone by just showing up out of the blue with no warning.

Now a lot of you may think “wow, that plan could go wrong on so many levels – like what if no one’s home when they show up? Or what if no one shows up at the airport”? This was our solution: have the family show up at the airport to collect some “family friends” and while they wait, we show up instead.

I can safely tell you that the surprise turned out really well. The fam were absolutely gobsmacked when we walked out – so much so that they got lost on their way home. It was hilarious watching them be in such a state of shock.

As part of our booking, Mr Lubz and I received a voucher to spend $40 each at Changi airport in Singapore. Now I’ve never really looked at purchasing from the duty free because I was under the impression that it would be twice as expensive as compared to regular retail. Well, this trip has remedied that misconception because OMG, I have seen the light.

Mr Lubz was keen on purchasing a foldable keyboard worth $85. What is it with boys and their toys? I scoffed at him “Puh-lease. Let’s get something that will be used for longer than a week”. He retorted with “Like your ever growing list of cosmetics that you hardly use”. *Gasp!* Did he just say that? That’s it! Challenge accepted.

Luckily, two of the vouchers could only be redeemed for cosmetics and perfume, which meant that I was in my element. Armed with the vouchers and a critical eye, I went in search of something that would be memorable yet usable. I passed by the Urban Decay counter and spied all the Vice Lipsticks. I definitely wanted needed one of those. But I wasn’t ready to commit to it yet. Feeling like the main player of The Bachelorette, I was looking for the one – the one I could dream of waking up to and not regretting it.

Bobbi Brown lipstick trio (image copyright: krisshop)
Bobbi Brown lipstick trio (copyright: krisshopair)

All the counters had stock of their regular products; but I was on the hunt for something different – limited edition or something to remind me of my travels. Next up was a travel pack of lipsticks from Bobbi Brown for $65. These were great set of nude shades of lipsticks. But not something I was really feeling…I don’t think I would use these regularly. Alright, moving on.

Estee Lauder trio lipstick (copyright: krisshop)
Estee Lauder trio lipstick (copyright: krisshopair)

Estee Lauder also had a three pack of lipsticks for $97. The price difference I would have to pay was a bit steep. And I would probably use two of the three shades. With Mr Lubz’s words ringing in my head, I decided, this wasn’t the pack for me.tom-ford-outer

One of the counters I stopped at was Tom Ford. My friend Su has been raving about her Tom Ford Lips and Boys lipsticks and it had me curious. Swatches of the Lipsticks proved Su right – these were creamy, decadent and just sitting on my skin for about 5 minutes left a stain that wouldn’t rub off with just a wet wipe. The lipsticks were named after boys – Liam to Alex and Flynn to Guillermo. How great is that?! And at roughly $37 for a lipstick, I was well within budget too.

Tom Ford Alejandro

I had a couple of colours I shortlisted from which to choose my final one. This was exciting! Really, it was like the Rose presentation episode from The Bachelorette. The choice was between Leonardo and Alejandro. One was like the good guy (Alejandro) with his charming personality – a reddish pink shade with beautiful micro shimmer in it – while the other’s wild side – a deeper berry red shade – had me wanting more (Leonardo).

Tom Ford Alejandro swatch
Tom Ford Alejandro swatch

Leonardo won my heart and I asked the sales assistant if we could be joined for eternity. Sadly, like one of those gut wrenching twists where the finalist has a change of mind and decided you’re not the one, the sales assistant regretfully told me that Leonardo was finished. Done. Which left me with the good guy – Alejandro. Now some people think that it’s tacky to settle for second best, but that’s usually when the marketing department and the sound editing team try to play it down with some uplifting music and great landscape shots. And so too did I attempt to do the same (I don’t have a marketing team nor a sound editing team, but I do really well in these departments in my head). I think Alejandro and I will be very happy together. He’s quite a wearable shade especially coming into summer.

Check out the full list of all the Tom Ford Lips and Boys products here.

Do you have a similar story with your haul? Do you use Tom Ford products? What is your favorite shade from the Lips and Boys range?  Also – do you replay your life in your head and compare it to popular television shows? 


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