Haul – July 2016

I probably shouldn’t be starting a series of posts talking about my makeup haul because my husband is a subscriber and gets a notification everytime I publish a post (Hi Mr Lubz! *waves*). He already thinks I’ve got too much makeup in my stash (gasp!).

This month, I snapped up a couple of bargains from Amcal Pharmacy and Aldi that I just couldn’t pass up.

It all started the other week when I went into Amcal Pharmacy for some medication and ended up browsing the makeup section (as you do) where I spotted some  products on clearance and couldn’t help myself! 

Revlon Highlighting Palette in Peach Glow

Revlon highlighter peach glow Revlon highlighter peach glow swatch

I’m fairly new to the whole highlighting bandwagon. Even though the trend in the Western world is to apply enough highlight to beam signals to other planets, I tend to favour the subtle “glow” highlight. The ones that make relatives wonder if “there’s some good news” (aka is there a bun in the oven).

I love the concept and look of the highlight palette with the different tonal shimmer strips stacked like bricks. You can use each shimmer strip on it’s own with a fan brush and tailor your highlight based on the look you’re going for. Or, do like I do and grab a big fluffy brush, swirl it all around the pan to get a beautifully mixed highlight, which has all these subtle nuances of colour that are hard to pick out individually. The shimmer brick blends together to create a subtle glow to catch the light and bring focus to the areas you’ve applied it, yet can be layered on for a more statement “ka-POW!” effect.

I also love using the individual shimmer strips all over the lid as eyeshadow or in the inner corner of the eyes to look bright eyed and awake (which is usually the opposite of what I actually feel). The versatility of this product means you just need the one product for a lot of uses – highlight, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, body glow….the list goes on and on – it is especially useful when travelling.

While the Revlon highlight palette is a bit stiff as compared to the Bobbi Brown highlight, they are pigmented and can be worn either on their own or blended together for a subtle highlight. If you want a bit more of a statement, you can layer it on or apply it with a damp brush for that real “bling bling” jewelled look. They work really well as eyeshadows and don’t have too much powder kick off when you swirl the brush in the pan.

Colour Theory Eyeliner in Emerald

colour theory emerald 1

colour theory emerald swatch

I never heard of Colour Theory until I spotted the products at Amcal Pharmacy.

I was attracted to the coloured liners (a new obsession of mine – I’ve blogged about it here) as they looked really pigmented and smooth when swatched on the skin. I was thoroughly blown away by the prices – $4 for a liner?!? Pigmented and budget friendly? This must be a dream come true!

As I was in a rush, I only purchased the one pencil liner in Emerald. It has a beautiful deep green colour with subtle shimmer in it.

The tester in store was very pigmented and smooth; however I found that the new product out of it’s packaging to be a bit stiff. I had to run the pencil on the back of my hand to warm it up a little before application and it worked very well. The display in store had lights focused on the products, which could have kept the samples warm and therefore smooth when I tested it. But I don’t find the stiffness of the new product a deterrent to try more – it could just be a one off dud or just the one colour that’s causing the stiffness.

I will have to go back and purchase more of these products to test out and blog about.

Colour Theory is available at Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies.

Lacura Shimmer Eyeshadow in Amethyst

lacura amethyst open

lacura amethyst

This was another impulse purchase. Mr Lubz and I often visit Aldi to check out their special buys. Last week, as we were lined up at the checkout counter to pay for our purchases, I spotted a bin full of Lacura products on clearance. I quickly had a browse through the bin, which contained some skincare and cosmetic lines. They were mostly the baked bronzers and liquid highlighters, which didn’t appeal to me because they were either too light or too orange for my liking. And then I spied the liquid metallic eyeshadow marked down to $1.99! It seemed like they only had the one colour (Amethyst) and as we were inching to the cashier, I quickly grabbed it and joined my husband back at the counter in time to pay for it.

I swatched the eyeshadow once I got out of the store (like who can wait until they get home to swatch eyeshadows, seriously!)

It is a super iridescent lavender – purple colour that just reminds me of chandeliers and the light that they reflect (have a look at the swatches!). It can be blended out to a light sheen, but you need to act quickly because once set, this thing does not move! It’s a perfect base for when you need your eye makeup to last a long time.

Water will not make it budge – you need an eye makeup remover or a cotton round soaked in micellar water to remove it. 

These are great budget buys and I’m pretty happy with the results!

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Have you come across some exciting products and bargains? Share your stories and hauls!


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