Haul – September 2016

I haven’t been shopping much lately; ever since I wrote about my Barry M and project pan, my focus has been to go through my current stash of products so that I hit pan quicker.

But that doesn’t mean that I’ve banned myself from shopping entirely – firstly, there’s the window shopping (that’s the first step into shopping), then a quick browse around the store just to see what’s new (of course with a basket in hand because whoops! A product just fell off the display shelf – good thing my basket was around to catch it) and finally, the quick payment at the checkout counter before anyone notices.

Lately, I’ve been limiting my sprees to just the first two – window and browsing in store (with a basket – I like to live on the edge!). But every now and then I complete the process up to checkout and then have a haul that no one sees for a while (because I’m not ready to own up to it).

My latest haul are products I purchased from Priceline and Mecca. One is a brand I’ve used before when I lived in Dubai and the other one is completely new to me. Any guesses on what they could be?

NYX Haul – Pricelinenyx

NYX recently launched at Priceline stores around the end of July this year. It was done with a lot of pomp and pizzazz, which is so worthy of the NYX brand.

NYX is a familiar brand to me – I used to purchase this from Sephora when I lived in Dubai. I still remember my black eyeshadow that I purchased from NYX – I used it non stop (I think it was when I went into my rebellious “goth phase” with the black liner and grungy hair). I never followed it with the black nails funnily enough. I could never get into the whole nail painting thing.athens

This haul is a lot different to my shipping habits back then. This time, my purchases are a lot more muted and mellow. I got the infamous soft matte lip cream and the ombre blush.

The soft matte lip cream (the color I purchased is Athens) is claimed to be one of the better ones in the market. This is not a NYX claim; rather it comes from the beauty blogging community. And I see what they mean. The lip cream on its own is soft, smooths well on the lips and lasts a loooong time. It doesn’t ball up when applying or when I rub my lips together (a habit of mine when I’m deep in thought). On its own, the color washes me out, but I love it layered on top of deeper shades of lipstick to make it a different shade altogether and it lasts just as long as it does on its own. I love this combined with my Bobbi Brown artstick in Cassis and even over my Urban Decay matte lipstick in Bad Blood.ombre-blush

I was seriously only looking at purchasing the lip cream when I spotted the ombre blush. I mean, how pretty does it look! There are 6 shades to choose from and while I was drawn to the really out there shades, I decided to pick up Mauve Me. The packaging doesn’t do the actual color justice because swatched on the skin, this blush is really pigmented! I also like that it includes a highlighter because one cannot have enough highlighters. Fact.ombre-blush-2

With the ombre blush, you can choose the level of intensity you want in your blush. Or you can swirl it around and apply it lightly to your cheeks.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mini Palette – Mecca

This is the first time I’ve purchased something from Smashbox. For me, Smashbox has always been one of those brands that is up there, yet you’re almost afraid to get it because you’ve built it up to a high pedestal in your head and if it doesn’t live up to the image in your head, then your ideals have been smashed. Is it just me or do you feel the same about this (or any other) brand?smashbox-closed

Anyway, I bit the bullet and bought the mini palette (again, the chicken in me won out). I was going to go for the mini palette of matte shades, yet the shimmers were calling out to me and my motto is “leave no shimmer behind” (or at least it should be my motto!).smashbox-palette

I used this one for my GRWM Eid look. I absolutely adored the look I achieved with this palette. The quality is phenomenal and I can’t fault it one bit. Will I go for the matte only palette? Possibly in the future.

Smashbox Palette in use

And I can’t write about my haul without including my latest lipstick loves: my L’Oréal Infallible Matte Max Lip Pens (I wrote a separate blog post about these here).

What have you purchased in September? Share your haul in the comments section. Also, are you like me and build a brand up in your head to the point your afraid to get it because it may not meet your expectations?


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