Highlighter Love

I have to admit, I only recently jumped on the highlighting bandwagon. I used to prefer the matte look and to be honest, regarded highlighting my face with disdain. I already have an oily t-zone; the last thing I needed was more shine added to it.

But, like the changing of seasons and (admittedly) my mood, I decided to give highlighting a glow go. And now, I really enjoy including highlight in my routine. I prefer the subtle glow rather than the obvious highlight. The one that makes you look like you’ve just been on a relaxing holiday.

So what highlights do I have in my collection?

Revlon Photoready Skinlights in Bare Light2016-11-14-14-21-31

This is actually the very first highlight I purchased. It was at Myer on clearance and I thought, hey, if I don’t like it, I won’t feel too bad about the price. The thing about this highlight is that it’s a liquid product and I had no idea how to use it. I mean, the last thing I wanted to do was go from a matte base to looking like the Tin Man. Once I got home, I did some research on the best possible way to use this product and of course, my guru Lisa Eldridge didn’t disappoint. Her video on a no-makeup makeup look was a perfect lesson for me.

The way I use this product is immediately after foundation when the skin is still a bit tacky and before setting it with powder. A little dot blended out using fingers or a flat foundation brush is all I need to get a subtle glow on the highest points of my cheeks. I love this product so much that I am really sad that it’s been discontinued. I use it sparingly so that I don’t run out of it soon. This gives me one of the most natural glowing results I can get.

Revlon shimmer brick in Peach Glow2016-11-14-14-21-03

I purchased this product at Amcal Pharmacy a few months ago and I have to be honest, I don’t reach for this one as much as some of the others. I bought it with the impressive quality of the liquid product in mind. Plus I thought it would be a good dupe of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.

I found that this shimmer brick is quite stiff and some of the colour payoff, while being pretty decent, wasn’t as smooth as some of the other products I’ve got in my stash. It balled up and started to streak which made me look like I’ve got airport runway stripes on my cheeks (not a great look on me). This has unfortunately been relegated to the back of my cupboard.

Rimmel Kate Sculpting palette in Coral Glow2016-11-14-14-22-02

I really should reach for this product a lot more. It has a highlight, bronzer and blush in the one palette. The quality is quite good. The only issue I have is that while the bronzer and blush match my skin really well, the highlight is quite…well, highlighty. It has more of an icy tone to it which I can use; I just need to work it better to make it suit my skin so that it doesn’t stand out as an obvious highlight.

Sleek MakeUP highlight in Precious Metals2016-11-14-14-20-13

I recently received this highlight as part of a prize win on Instagram. It is a 4-pan palette with a combination of cream and powder highlights. My absolute favourite from this palette is Renaissance Gold. It is a beautiful yellow gold that is not so glittery and obvious on my skin.

This palette is quite buttery and blends well. I find that Platinum works really well as an inner corner highlight for my eyes. Especially when I have light shadows on my eyes combined with the stark contrast of a dark eyeliner. This affordable product does compete well with a lot of high end highlights.

Hourglass Ambient light in Dim Light2016-11-14-14-22-22

This product was actually an impulse purchase from Mecca. I went in for something else and somehow found myself adding this one to my cart. I’ve always wanted to try the highlights by Hourglass as it’s one of the more highly sought after highlights. This was a mini product and I thought heck, it’s just to try the product. So I added it to my little shopping basket.

I have mixed feelings about this product. I love the packaging. The beautiful brown gold reflective packaging is so unlike anything I’ve actually owned at that point (after that, Sleek Precious Metals joined in). It was mini and so easy to carry around without being additional weight in my bag. The quality of the powder is undeniable – it’s smooth and doesn’t feel like a weight or clogging on your skin.

The only issue I have is that it really is true to it’s name. The dim light just does not show up on my skin. I was a bit disappointed because while I didn’t want the obvious strobing effect, I was really after the subtle glow. When ranting about it to my friend Su, she convinced me to use it as an all over powder because well, very light luminosity and setting the foundation at the same time? Why not!

Physician’s Formula palette in Warm Nude2016-11-14-14-20-44

I bought this palette on sale from Priceline many moons ago. I read a lot of rave reviews on this product as being a great dupe for a high end brand.

I have mixed feelings about this product too. It has great consistency as an eyeshadow. It’s smooth and blends well. But I find it too shimmery for my face. Again, I prefer the subtle glow and not the strobing obvious highlight. This one comes off as too shimmery for my comfort. The pigment of the palette has great pay off, the bronze shade is perfect for an outer crease and even in the hollows of your cheeks. It is perfect for that summer glow when you’ve just got the simplest and the most natural of looks.

What are your favourite highlighters? Do you see any you like or haven’t tried yet? Let me know in the comments section.


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