Review and Swatches: Laura Mercier Fall In Love Illuminator Palette

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on the highlighters in my collection.

Well, I found a roommate for these guys – my Laura Mercier Fall in Love Illuminator Palette (say hello to my leetle friend).

I spotted this pack at Sephora and it was the beautiful leopard print cover that grabbed my attention. I was actually in the store looking for a blush (which started off with one brand and ended up with another – check out that post here). This palette was sitting on one of those displays for gifts under $100. The display didn’t have a tester so I grabbed one of the sales assistants to open the pack for me so that I could have a look inside.

Like the namesake, I fell in love immediately – not just with the colours of the highlights, but the textures too! They looked like silk sheets that were rumpled after a good night’s sleep.


Before I even saw the contents of this palette, I was drawn to the packaging. The leopard print was so pretty and I don’t have anything in a leopard print.

To get to the palette, you need to go through a thin cardboard box that also features the leopard print (similar to the palette). The palette in itself is a nice sturdy plastic container with a beautiful shiny surface.

While I would admit that the palette is sleek, the large size means it isn’t easy to just throw into your makeup bag when you’re travelling (unless you use check in luggage for your makeup). The plastic case also feels a lot heavier than I thought it would.

The palette features a ginormous mirror, which not only serves the requirements of a mirror, but also can be used in situations where your survivor skills are required – for instance, reflecting the sunlight to start a fire to keep warm (or to keep wild animals at bay), or to catch the attention of the coast guard in case you’re marooned on a deserted island.


The palette houses four of the latest highlights to grace the shelves of the Laura Mercier displays. Being a limited edition product for the holidays, it looks like the brand has created a palette using smaller versions of the  highlighting products. I think its an awesome idea because you get to test out the different shades from the range. Plus, I never tend to finish an actual highlight so, rather than forking out $50+ for an individual large pan, I get to try out smaller versions of the product in one palette.

The palette contains four shades, which I believe you can buy full sized pans separately if you wanted. These are very pigmented shades.

  • Indiscretion – a light champagne gold shade
  • Addiction – a gold shade
  • Devotion – an icy pink shade
  • Seduction – a bronze shade


The highlights feel incredibly soft and have a super fine shimmer to it (it is by no means glittery). Finger swatches and using a brush yeild very different results.

While I call this a highlight, Laura Mercier classifies this as an illuminator. The difference between a highlight and an illuminator is that the latter maintains a soft sheen even with multiple layers on. And this is what the palette does. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I tend to favour the softer highlight rather than the bling bling stripes on the face. And this is perfect for me. Now, I would see myself using all shades except for maybe Devotion, which I may use over the lids or even in the inner corner of the eyes.


The quality of Laura Mercier products are awesome and these don’t disappoint. I have used the gold shade Addiction a lot more than the others. And it has lasted a good 7 hours of wear time. My base actually showed more signs of fading than my highlight.

Overall Thoughts

This is a limited edition palette that contains four beautiful pigments. I highly recommend getting this even if it to add to your collection. I have used the gold shades a lot more than the pink one, but each of these pigments can even be used to accentuate your eyeshadow.

Have you got this palette? Would you get this as a gift for a beauty junkie (aka yourself)?


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