Lush Haul

This year has been one of a lot of prize wins. This is the story of my Lush prize win (Dun-Dun! Law and Order style).

A beauty blogger recently hit the envious 1K follower count on Instagram. As part of the celebrations, she held a giveaway where you could find yourself an owner of some awesome products from Lush. Somehow, I won this prize (I was surprised!) and a week later, I received the pack.

What was included in the prize pack?


Christmas Penguin – love this little guy. He’s a bit wonky I guess from the travel, but still super cute!

Star Dust bath bomb – I’m pretty keen on giving the whole bath bomb thing a go. It’s really taken off on social media and darn it, I wanted to get one too! And I did!

Floating Island melt – smells of cocoa butter and feels really smooth in your hands. I can imagine it being a beauty to soak in. I love the little tail poking out.

Razzle Dazzle melt – smells of raspberries! Can I eat this?

Boo Bath melt – too cute for words! Like isn’t this the cutest thing??


Sugar scrub – always need a good scrub. Can’t wait to use this dude.

Parsley Porridge soap – parsley and oats in a soap? Colour me intrigued!20161120_105137-01

Sexy Peel soap – the name had me thinking for a minute and then it hit me – Sex appeal = Sexy Peel! Great play on phonetics!

Hand of Friendship soap – how cute is this? Definitely a great gift if to forge friendship over soap.

Goth Fairy – she’s a little creepy looking, it’s like she’s angry with me. But she smells awesome (did that just sound weird?)

Reindeer Rock soap – I’m always fascinated by history and the rock paintings. To have it carved in soap? Genius! Will I use it – can I just hang it up on the wall? It’s too pretty to use!


Rose Jam shower gel – sounds floral and yummy!

Bubbly shower gel – the ingredients just sound a lot like a fancy schmancy breakfast – grape and orange oil with some others that I’m not even going to try to pronounce.

Snowman Shower jelly – wobble wobble wobble!


Golden handshake hot hand mask – once I get my hands on this baby, I won’t be afraid to show them off and say “Talk to the (Golden) hand” and watch as people get dazzled by the sparkles! 20161120_105530-01

Breath of fresh air toner – I love me a spray toner; and I’m just about done with my Swisse toner so this has come just in time!

Lipstick – metallic, red and ON TREND! YAAAASSS!! Can’t wait to use this baby!

Sugar Plum fairy lip scrub – I love the salted caramel lip scrub. I can’t wait to use this one! The purple colour is too cute!

I am blown away by the generosity of the pack. I can’t believe I have enough Lush products to last me a good while! I am itching to just toss all the bath products into the tub and see what happens! Hehe I won’t, but wouldn’t it be fun?!? (Probably not from a cleaning aftermath point of view).

Do you see any favourites in here? What should I use first?


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