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Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Are you in lockdown where you live? How are you holding up with the current situation of the world?

I’ve personally struggled with the situation myself – I didn’t realise how much I was struggling until I actually walked out of the house to get groceries. Isn’t it funny how you get used to a certain situation and even though it’s tough, you just go along with it because you haven’t acknowledged (or realised) how much it’s affecting your life? 

I haven’t played with makeup in over 6 weeks. I know I haven’t posted on my blog for a while (I’m hoping to rectify that soon), but I’ve been playing with makeup while I went to work (back before lockdown in Melbourne). But since lockdown was mandated, makeup sort of went to the wayside for me. 

As a bit of distraction, I thought I’d open up my makeup stash and do a bunch of reviews as well as revisit some of my current products and see how they fare now.

To start off with, I’ve actually got a couple of luxury products that I purchased late last year to review.

Chanel Blurry Green Collection

A way to play with colour, the Chanel Blurry Green range explores the colour green colour from eyes to lashes . This collection included the quad, the liner and mascara. I bought both the quad and the liner, but decided against the mascara. 

Chanel Quad – 318 Blurry Green

With its green and gold shades, this quad is a good easygoing palette for autumnal and winter months. The sooty base of the eyeshadow in the top right hand corner is great for smoky eyes. For the days when you don’t feel like a smoky eye, a quick swipe of the gold or copper shade is no nonsense and brings light to your eyes. All four shades have a satin sheen to them and each shadow layers and blends well. 

What really influenced my decision to purchase this particular quad was the beautifully harmonious shades. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same, but sometimes I look at an eyeshadow palette and I feel that I can’t use at least one of the shadows. This hurts so much more when the palette is a quad and you end up only with 3 usable shades. Not in the case of this palette. I see these shades and I can use them either on their own or even in any set combo and I wouldn’t feel like I’m missing out. 

I have tried this quad over bare skin and over eye primer. To be honest, I love the intensity of the pigmentation of the eyeshadow over the primer. The primer tends to bring an extra layer of intensity to the colours. 

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof

I love coloured liner – my very first blog post was about coloured liner! I did want to try some Chanel liners – they come highly recommended by some of my favourite bloggers. And when these liners showed up on my radar, I was rapt. I needed to test these out. And they definitely didn’t disappoint. 

I got the shades 948 Jungle Green and 946 Intense Teal. Both liners were pigmented AF. I love the intensity of the Intense Teal liner just a hint more than the Jungle Green. On my olive skin tone, the green liner is more muted and I can definitely pull it off for everyday (have done so for work).  The Intense Teal stays true to its name and it’s one you can’t shy away from – well actually you can (just wear it in your waterline). But I love this liner across the lower lash line smudged in for a smoky haze.

Both liners lasted quite a while – pretty much the bulk of an 8 hour day; they started to blend around the 6-7 hour mark. The smudging of Intense Teal is a lot more pronounced as compared to the Jungle Green. The way to elongate the life of the liner especially in the lower lash line and the outer corners of the eyes is to use concealer and set with a light dusting of powder. But even this is just a temporary fix and will not magically make your liner last 24 hours (especially if you have oily eyelids). 

Chanel Voyage De Chanel Blush

This is one pretty looking travel palette. It is a journey of 4 beautiful cities (which I hope to visit one day – after this pandemic is over) – London, Tokyo, New York and Paris.

Using the tones that are inspired by the colours of the cities, this quad is a great one to carry in your travels. Chanel classes this as a powder palette with a baked powder technology and feels quite silky to the touch as well as blend. 

Tokyo – a soft highlight with a peachy tone 
Paris – a light sheer pink blush 
London – a deeper pink blush with a red undertone 
New York – a medium bronze shade 

This palette is reminiscent of the Chanel Coco Code palette from the 2017 collection. The major difference between the two is that Coco Code has a golden highlight, which Chanel has removed from the  Voyage De Chanel paletteto add the Paris shade of blush. On top of that, the remaining shades within the Voyage De Chanel have tonal differences to its predecessor.

Similar to Coco Code, Voyage De Chanel is sheer enough that if you swirl your brush over the palette and then over your face, you are left with a soft glow all over. And each corner of the quad works well enough as a light wash of colour but can be built up to more of a statement look. Each of the quadrant blends well enough that the resulting sheen does not look muddy or over saturated. This is perfect, because for the life of me, I cannot seem to pull off the strong bronzing or contouring around the frame of my face (kudos to the people who can sculpt their face to perfection). 


I created a couple of simple looks to showcase the versatility of the Blurry Green palette and the Voyage De Chanel.  

I know that in these uncertain times, a lot of people are more discerning of the money they spend – especially on beauty products. But if you do decide to splurge on Chanel products, I hope that you found my review helpful enough on your purchasing decision. 

I hope everyone stays safe and please wash your hands! 

Blog post title says Reviewed: Chanel Blurry Green Collection


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