makeup brushes

Makeup Brushes

I keep talking about the products I put on my skin. Today’s topic is all about the tools I use to actually get that final result. My brushes.

Previously, I never used to use brushes. Just relied on my fingers and the dinky little sponge applicators that you get in the palette kits. I had one brush for my gel eyeliner, but that was it.

When trawling through the millions of YouTube videos, I noticed that a whole bunch of people were using a combination of brushes and makeup sponges. And they claimed it changed their makeup game. Curious, I decided to join the bandwagon. And as usual, I bought el-cheapo ones which were horrible. Then I bought the proper makeup ones and over the years I’ve accumulated quite a number of these brushes.

A close friend of mine (hey Tej!!) actually mentioned that she gets confused and overwhelmed when it comes to brushes. I hear you lady!! I was in the same boat when I started using brushes too! So here’s the breakdown:

Faceflat foundation brush

Flat brush – traditionally used for liquid foundation. Think of yourself as a painter as you apply your foundation or liquid blush.buffing brush

Buffing brush – this is a perfect brush to smooth out the kinks and blend your base to perfection.
powder blush bronzer brush

Blush / Powder brush – typically identified by the domed bristle head, the fluffy top helps diffuse powder blush and bronzer to achieve a soft glow

EyesLiner Brush

Liner brush – I have a bunch of these! these are fab for gel and cake liners. Heck, I even use it damp on eyeshadow and create my own custom eyeliner (#beautyhack). These come in typical paint brush style as well as angled liner style brush. It just depends on what you’re comfortable with. I switch between the two quite easily. I find the angled liner brush gives the best cat flick. Ever!Brow Brush

Brow brush – perfect for keeping those brows groomed and #onfleek. The angled brush is used to apply brow products – powders, gels to fill in the gaps and the spooly brush is to comb through the brows and keep it looking awesome.Flat Shadow Brush

Flat Shadow brush – I use these for little details like highlighting the inner corner of my eyes, or even applying shimmers for that foiled eyeshadow look.Shadow blending brush

Shadow blending brush – the key to an eye look going from good to great – blending! When you think you’ve blended enough, blend some more! These brushes are my weakness and I always am on the lookout to get my hands on more. Great for over the eyelid and blending in the crease.Pencil Brush

Pencil brush – at least that’s what I call it. The small domed bristles are great to smudge out the section closest to the lashes on both the top and bottom lid. For instance when softening your liner, or blending shadow on your lower lid.

LipsLip Brush

Lip brush – I use this for my really deep coloured lipsticks. When I want that real precise, Instagram worthy lipstick look, I reach for the lip brush and take my time to get the results I want.

There you have it folks. Hope this post helped you navigate through the world of makeup brushes.

Do you use makeup brushes as part of your routine? Do you have any favourites?


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