Tested: Mecca Max New Launches

If you live in Australia, you’ve probably noticed that Mecca Maxima have launched a range of own brand cosmetics under the label Mecca Max. Affordably priced, the Mecca Max range has a wide selection of products across the categories – think base products like primers, foundations and concealers, eyeshadows, lip products, highlights, contour – you name it!

The range launched on the 1st of August, which was perfect because it was just in time for me to break my spending ban! The ban may have resulted in me going a little cray cray and spending a little bit more than I anticipated.


Bring on Bright Illuminating Primer
Price: A$20Mecca Max Face Primer

I love using face primers. It helps keep my makeup looking fresh for longer. I purchased the illuminating primer not just as an illuminating base, but also as a go to for when I can’t be bothered with applying foundation. I don’t use BB creams because of a slight shade matching issue I have with my skin tone. This primer comes slightly tinted with pearlised shimmer particles but when applied, it seems to smooth over and blend into the skin tone quite well. What I love about this product is that it doesn’t look glittery and best of all – it has no discernible scent. This face primer stays luminous during the day and even well into the night, my skin looks just as radiant.

Mecca Max have two other primers in their range – a mattifying one and their original SPF one.


The Transformer Eye Primer (Nude)

Price: A$18

Mecca Max Nude Eye Primer

I’ve only ever used one eye primer regularly – Put A Lid On It by TheBalm. I’ve also seen some bloggers / beauty gurus use concealer on the lids. Put A Lid On It has a gel like texture; I find using concealer to feel quite heavy on the lids. It feels a bit uncomfortable to me.

This eye primer is more like a concealer but it feels much lighter than actual concealer. It has a neutral creamy base to it and this allows any resulting layers of eyeshadows to stay pigmented for longer. I find this primer to work very well with matte shadows; with shimmers, they tend to smudge over quite easily especially when using a brush to blend. If you pat the shimmer shadows with fingers or a damp brush, you get a better pay off.

Hot Tip for Shimmer shadows: apply the colour, blend with a fluffy blending brush and smoke out. Then go back in with fingers or a damp brush and pat the colour on the centre of the lid.

Mecca Max have two other eye primers in the range – a shimmer and a smoke version.

Eye Max Volumising Mascara
Price: A$25

When in doubt, always go with the mascara. I always need mascara. I do love my Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Volumising mascara to take me through the day; but lets be honest here – it isn’t really a budget friendly option for everyone.

This does work well as a volumising mascara; it does make my lashes look nice and full. However, it doesn’t seem to last very well. My lashes are rebellious and will try to make their way back to their normal resting state of stick straight (why can’t the hair on my head follow the same principle instead of being a frizzball). The bristles are fibre and not plastic – you know how I feel about plastic bristles (ptooie!). The only gripe I have with this mascara is that at the first sign of water, it runs faster than Usain Bolt on the track field.

Mecca Max have another mascara called the Eye Max Power Couple mascara – a dual ended product with two types of bristles perfect for top and lower lashes.

Eyephoria Vivid Impact Palette
Price: A$45Mecca Max Eyephoria Palette

I was totally smitten by this palette when I first spotted it on my blogger friends feeds. It’s got a total of 10 shadows – two neutral(ish) bases and 8 coloured shadows ranging from golds to purples. It comes in a sturdy black plastic casing and no brush, which is a good thing – I prefer to use my own. It’s quite a rare occasion where I rely on the brushes that accompany the palette.

A quick look at the palette will show that this product has been well thought out – the colour ranges are separated into two groups – Gold (and the complimentary rose and yellow gold shadows) and Purple (with the range of mauve and cool toned variants of the shade).

The colours have a pretty good payoff as well as a bit of kick off. It has a creamy texture – almost to the level of the ColourPop Supershock shadows. Like I mentioned in the section about the eye primer, I smooth the shadow on the lid and blend with a brush; then go back in with the coloured shimmer with fingers or a damp brush. I would love to see more matte shadows with future releases if they happen.


Dual Sharpener
Price: A$6Mecca Max Sharpener

This looks pretty swanky for a pencil sharpener. The matte packaging looks great and to be honest, I don’t really want to use it for fear of ruining the pristine black casing. This is a dual sharpener for regular sized pencils and chubby sticks. It has a flip top for easy cleaning; but I don’t know what the purpose of the cap is …. what is it meant to cover or protect the sharpener from exactly?

Flawless Sphere Beauty Bullet
Price: A$18Mecca Max Beauty Bullet

Blending sponges are all the rage with beauty bloggers and influencers alike. I’ve only used a cheap knockoff from eBay and it was meh at best. So I bit the proverbial bullet and purchased this one.

This unfortunately was a disappointment from the overall purchases. Beauty sponges are meant to be used damp to allow product to be smoothed over evenly and achieve a flawless, Instagram worthy result. This however was a let down from the range. It retained it’s firmness even when wet and didn’t do a great job with smoothing product onto the skin. I had better results from the el cheapo product I purchased online.


Skin Halo in Rose Gold
Price: A$22 (Full Size)Mecca Max Skin Halo Rose Gold

As part of the launch, customers had a few deluxe samples to choose from. I chose a deluxe sized version of the Skin Halo highlight. This is a shimmer based highlight with a beautiful embossing on the face of it. What I do like about this highlight is that it’s not just pure light – there is a bit of colour with every sweep of the brush. It works like a mild version of the baked blush by Milani.

This highlight starts off subtle, but can be built up; but if you’re looking for some serious bling bling result, spritz your brush with some MAC fix plus and go to town with the highlight.

That’s my round up of the products I purchased, but there’s so much more with the launch – lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, bronzers, BB creams, you name it. You can shop the entire Mecca Max range on the website here or at any Mecca Maxima store.Mecca Max collection

Have you tried anything from Mecca Max yet? What are your favourites from the range?


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