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Monthly Favourites and Empties – July 2016 

This is the first of a series of posts where I discuss my most used products each month.


Pantene Ice Shine Conditioner

20160718_123528My husband purchased this Conditioner on promotion. This is the gigantic, family sized 900ml bottle. Mr Lubz doesn’t stick to one particular type of shampoo and conditioner within the Pantene range – he usually purchases whatever products are on promotion at the time.

Is my family the only one that tries to get every last drop of product from the container? That’s why the pump dispenser is missing – to scrape out every last drop of conditioner from the bottle.

I’ve hardly used this conditioner except on the two occasions where I’ve finished up my own bottle and need a little bit for my ends. This conditioner is quite typical of Pantene products, the fragrance is familiar and the consistency doesn’t stray from the usual Pantene products. The main point of difference for this conditioner is the cooling effect your scalp gets after using it. On the two occasions that I did use this, I noticed that my scalp felt cooler and tingly.

Would I Repurchase? Probably, when it goes on sale again. Mr Lubz already has a replacement conditioner in the shower.

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

20160718_123626I purchased this product at the end of summer as I needed something to scrub all the dry skin off and get it ready for winter. I find that my skin goes exceptionally dry and dehydrated in winter and no amount of lotion and creams have helped me bring it back to life. I am now testing out the effects of regular exfoliation followed by oil and then a body lotion or cream. So far, the results seem promising.

This scrub is a beautiful blue green colour to coincide with the shades of the ocean. It contains all natural ingredients and the grating exfoliant is the ocean salt.

When you start using it, you get a strong hit of a lemony scent. Once massaged in, the salt begins to dissolve into the water and the minerals from the salt combined with the avocado and coconut butters leave your skin moisturised.

With my super dry skin, I need to follow on with oil and moisturiser. But some people may find that the moisturising effects of the scrub last a fair bit. Since it is a grating exfoliant, it is recommended to only use this scrub once a week. This scrub can be used on face and body.

Would I Repurchase? I don’t know. When researching the ingredients of the scrub for this post, I uncovered that the lemons are soaked in vodka. I love that it contains all natural ingredients and the scrub is Ocean Salt and not microbeads, which cause trouble in the oceans. But I want to do further research into how much of the alcohol is infused into the scrub and whether it has an effect on the skin.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Moisture Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner

20160718_123542I’m usually a bit more cautious about hair products as compared to Mr Lubz because my hair is naturally frizzy and needs extra TLC, else it will look like a mushroom cloud.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Schwarzkopf products and was keen on trying it myself. So when I saw these products on sale at Coles, I jumped at the chance and purchased a bunch of them from the range. The product information claims that this shampoo and conditioner coats the hair in a “gloss elixir” that locks in moisture while smoothing the surface, resulting in the highly coveted glossy hair. To be honest, I was attracted to the packaging (I’m a sucker for green/blue packaging), which successfully conveyed the message of moisture with the bluish tone and gloss with the sparkles on it.

The shampoo and conditioner have a fragrance that reminds me of men’s aftershave. The fragrance is not too offensive, it does fade down to a mild “fresh” sort of scent (a scent you normally find in aerosol room fresheners). It did a decent job in smoothing my hair a bit; I would recommend this product for people with normal hair and light frizz that needs taming and gloss. As my hair got smoother after repeated use, it did look a bit more glossy as compared to before using these products. My hair was tamed to a certain degree, but certainly not like what you see on the models and adverts.

Would I Repurchase? Probably not at this stage. I still have other products from the Schwarzkopf range to test out in my quest to find my holy grail hair care products.


Herbal Essences Drama Clean Shampoo

20160718_123551My hair belongs to the oily roots and dry ends category. I use a clarifying shampoo every week just to properly cleanse my scalp and remove all the build up in my roots.

Herbal essences shampoo and conditioners were my go-to products growing up. They smelled absolutely delicious and I’ve been tempted to taste it on a number of occasions. I purchased this shampoo to use as a first scalp cleanse and remove a lot of the product build up. This shampoo smells of apple and lemon with a hint of mint (I know – so delicious!!). The green coloured shampoo lathers up quite well and leaves your hair and scalp feeling squeaky clean. I really like the way my scalp feels after using this shampoo.

Would I Repurchase? Most likely. One whiff of this shampoo and I’m instantly reminded of fruit desserts and enveloped in a cloud of familiarity and memories of home.


Physicians Formula organic mascara


 This is a quirky looking mascara thoroughly surprised me. I grabbed this one when Priceline had the 40% sale for cosmetics in May this year. I love the shape of the mascara – the base is the shape of a twig and the wand is the leaf on the twig. I wasn’t too impressed with the plastic wand (I prefer the brush version). But the spacing and shape of the plastic bristles mean that your eyelashes are coated well.

I find that this mascara lengthens more obviously than it volumises. The colour is an intense black and it coats the lashes evenly. It doesn’t budge and lasts a good 8 hour work day for a mascara that is not waterproof. I even noticed that it maintained the curl of my lashes through the day. That said, if you’re going to wear it in a situation where you expect to cry – like weddings – opt for something waterproof as this mascara will run.

I love that this mascara is free from dyes, parabens and all the yucky stuff that can irritate your eyes. It is great for people who wear contacts as the mascara does not flake off.

Would I Repurchase? Definitely! I really like this mascara and how it wears on my lashes.

Like I did last week, I’m also linking up with the wonderful group of Aussie bloggers here.

What are your favourite products and empties for July? Would you repurchase? Are you like me and use every last drop of your product before you toss it out?


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