Monthly Favourites and Empties – September 2016

Another month’s gone by so quickly. I can’t believe that we’re almost into October. Pretty soon, New Year’s will come round and then we start 2017. This month, I’ve only got the one product to talk about.

Garnier Micellar Water

 This is a staple in my routine. I use it for “correction”- when I get a bit too excited about my winged liner and then need to clean it up.

I also use it to remove my eye makeup – especially when I use the Benefit They’re Real mascara (that thing does not come off!). I soak two cotton rounds with the micellar water and then make like a salon and let the soaked cotton rounds sit on my lids. This will help loosen the makeup around the eyes and including the mascara.

The concept of micellar water originated from France. The Garnier liner is meant to be a dupe for the version by Bioderma. I haven’t tried the Bioderma myself, but since there are cheaper alternatives available in the market, I’m happy with the results for what I pay. Though, this post makes me think of doing a price and performance comparison between the two brands.

Garnier is a reputed brand and I love their tag line “take care… Garnier”! I’m glad they came out with their version of the micellar water because I go through so much of this stuff; I’m not as broke as I would be if I had to use the pricier product. Though, I should do a comparison of high end vs budget buys and see what works better.

This is already bottle #3 I’ve gone through. I always buy this micellar water on sale either at Priceline or at Coles and stock up.

Have you tried the Garnier micellar water? Share your favourites and empties! Would you like to see a price vs performance comparison on the Bioderma and Garnier micellar water? Do let me know in the comments section. 


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