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Prize Win – Sleek MakeUP

Hey everyone….I won a prize! On Instagram! From Sleek MakeUP! What? How did that happen? Well, read on….

A few weeks ago Sleek MakeUP held a competition on Instagram celebrating the upcoming launch of their latest highlight palette Cleopatra’s Kiss (I SO need that in my life!!). The rules of the competition were to like and share their photo on Instagram and a randomly selected winner will be chosen on 9th October 2016. You all know my love for Sleek products and so like everyone else, I took part too – definitely didn’t want to lose out on an opportunity to win some Sleek MakeUP!

Come the 10th and I wake up and as usual check my Instagram feed to catch up on the latest. Imagine my surprise when I see my name tagged on a comment from Sleek MakeUP. I won!?! What?? (By this time, I’d actually forgotten about the competition entirely). So, off I went to send them my postal details via direct message (DM) on Instagram. And I watched the tracker as it showed delivery progress from the Sleek office to my workplace (I was in India on holiday at the time).

My first day back at work was a blur – mostly because I was jet lagged and also because I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on my parcel and check out the contents of my prize pack. Once I got home, it took all of my will power to gently open the package and not just rip it open like a barbarian haha.


So, what did I get? A lot of awesome stuff and one particular product I’ve been looking for at different Target stores ever since Sleek MakeUp launched at Target. Every time I visit Target! Every. Single. Time.

Blush by Three: Californ.I.A

This is a three – pan cream blush with coral based colours. Look how pretty!

Lipstick: Barely There

This is a peachy nude shade with a sheen finish. This lipstick is a bit too light for my skintone and makes me look dead. I have to layer something else on top of this lipstick.

Highlight Palette: Precious Metals

This is one palette I’ve been searching for at Target FOR-EVER! It’s always been sold out! I mean, it would really be cool to get Solstice, but let’s get real – the only way I would wear a blue toned highlight is if it was to a themed party. Precious Metals is one that I’d more likely reach for between the two – especially for everyday.

Have you tried Sleek Products before? Let me know your favourite products from Sleek MakeUp in the comments section. Are you excited by the upcoming launch of their new highlight – Cleopatra’s Kiss?


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