Project Pan

Almost everyone (especially Mr Lubz) who knows me knows I’m a fanatic when it comes to anything beauty related. I can’t walk into a mall or a shopping district without paying a visit to the beauty section (they know when I’m in the building and would be offended if I didn’t visit them – much like Indian relatives). And if you visit one, you gotta visit them all!

Most of these visits usually end up with me being a couple of dollars poorer (couple.of.dollars… Hahahahahaha) and clutching a bag of goodies tighter than Gollum and his precioussss – the one ring to rule them all – from The Lord Of The Rings series. Which makes me wonder if there is the one liner to rule them all – now that would be awesome! Of course, I’d probably miss it because I’m in the other corner bargain hunting while everyone else battles it out for that one liner.

So a couple of purchases ago, Mr Lubz made a comment along the lines of “you purchase all this stuff; do you even have the time to use them all?”. That got me all defensive with “yes I do, you just don’t see me finish it up and toss it away”.

His comment got me thinking about jumping on the Internationally running Pinterest bandwagon of “Project Pan”, where I document how far I’m progressing with using my products to “hit pan” aka the bottom container of the product (Mr Lubz, I know you’re reading this post!). These posts will be focused more on cosmetics because I generally finish my skincare and haircare products before I get more. It will encourage me to use more products plus help me keep a track of where I’m at with each product. That way, when I finish I won’t feel bad about buying new stuff (that feeling doesn’t last too long – I’m easily distracted by shiny new things!).angle

So, to kick things off – my much loved Barry M Natural Glow 2 eyeshadow palette.

About Barry M 

Barry M Cosmetics was created in 1982, in London, Great Britain, by Barry Mero.

In the early 80’s Barry had a number of retail outlets in London selling beauty and cosmetic products. The fashion was for dramatic, outrageous make-up, however, he found that no one was producing the exciting and vivid colours that his customers really wanted. So, in June 1982, he created the Barry M Cosmetics range.

Barry M soon became a cult name in the field of colour cosmetics. Back in those days, if you were a new romantic, a punk or goth, the chances are you would have been using Barry M to make your fashion statement!

Now, many years’ later Barry M is now the Britain’s leading colour cosmetics brand – other big beauty companies may claim to be British but, in fact, very few of them really are!

matte shadesI’ve been using this palette for the most part of last year. I loved the colours which really say neutrals but not browns (really, don’t get me started on the brown toned shadows in my collection). This palette comes with a primer, three matte shadows and 3 shimmers – all wearable on their own or mixed for a subtle smokey eye during the day or amped up for the evening.

I’ve been using the primer a lot because it’s a really nice formula; works better with fingers rather than a brush as the warmth from your digits help to smooth it over the lid.closeup

The packaging is very good and sturdy; it’s a cardboard pack with a large mirror, which is awesome because you can get your makeup done on the go without carrying something extra.

You can get a bit of kickoff from the shadows, but it doesn’t bother me because the pigmentation and staying power more than make up for it. It is smooth and blends easily!outercover

I purchased this palette off eBay for $13, but now you can find Barry M products at Big W stores. Visit the Barry M website here.

Have you “hit pan” on anything recently? Share your products! 



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