Review: Aisa Cosmetics Matte-netick Lipstick

As a beauty blogger, I’m always excited to discover new brands. So when I received these new launches from Aisa Cosmetics; you can be assured that I was over the moon!

What is Aisa Cosmetics?

Aisa Cosmetics is the brain child of makeup artist Azrin Isa.

Being in the field, she’s recognised an opportunity for truly cruelty free and vegan makeup and so Aisa Cosmetics (derived from her name) was formed. The first products being released are liquid lipsticks.


The lipsticks come in a cardboard box that calls out the product name. The little designs on the box are a cute collab between a lightning bolt and a dainty rose. It’s not overly cutesy, yet pretty enough to be put on display.

There is a little sticker on the top of the  box to call out the name of the product shade. Note that the colour on the sticker for Bodacious doesn’t match the product shade inside. The internal structure of the box is well designed to ensure maximum protection for the lipstick. You just need to slide the product out of the box to get started.

The lipsticks come in a glass bottle with a black lid. The glass bottle features the logo and the name of the product.

One thing that’s missing from the actual lipstick tube is the name of the shade. It wouldn’t​ be too much of an issue at this stage because there are two products in the range; it will definitely be a necessity once more shares are launched.

Product Colour & Texture

There are two shades in this collection – Bodacious (a muted taupe shade) and Devotion (a pigmented watermelon rose shade).

Devotion is a pretty pink shade that works well for everyday or even when you’re feeling a little feminine.

Bodacious is a shade I wouldn’t have chosen for myself, but it’s the one I’m reaching for a lot more. I love pairing this shade with a deep smoky eye.

The lipsticks come with the typical doe-foot applicator to smooth product over the lips. I love the fragrance on these – Bodacious has a light vanilla scent while Devotion smells of caramel toffee – divine! These are super subtle fragrance and don’t last too long, but they smell like the real deal and unlike the artificial scents.

These lipsticks have a very mousse like formula that dries down to a velvet matte finish. It doesn’t feel drying on the lips and in fact, after about an hour of wear time, I forgot I had it on!

Lasting Power

Once dried down, the lipsticks don’t budge nor slide all over the face.

Like a lot of liquid lipsticks, these products have a little bit of transfer to them. It wasn’t as noticeable on Bodacious as it was with Devotion.

The wear down time for both lipsticks on their own was 4-5 hours. When worn over a lip pencil, the wear time is extended by another 2-3 hours – and that includes copious amounts of chai and food!

I tested Devotion over the Huda Beauty lip contour pencil in the shade Icon, which is a close (not perfect) enough match to this shade.

The dreaded demarcation line wasn’t noticeable with Bodacious as it’s a close match to my skin tone, but with Devotion it was a bit more noticeable. The work around to it is to wear a lip liner under the lipstick to ensure even longer wear time and even fading of the product.

Do keep in mind that these will wear off when consuming greasy food. But, they don’t crack and crumble, which is a brilliant outcome. Even when adding another layer of product on top, I didn’t find the end result to be messy and crumbly.

Keep up with my Instagram where I will post photos of these lipsticks in use. 

Overall Thoughts

A liquid lipstick that’s not just cruelty free and vegan, but starting off with really on trend and everyday shades, I believe this is off to a great start. With a pretty decent lasting power of 4-5 hours and not to mention the delicious fragrance, I am pretty impressed with the performance of these products.  The lipsticks are priced at AUD 26 (plus shipping), which provides a great competition to other liquid lipsticks in the market.

There are a couple of things that need tweaking like the name of the shade on the lipstick tube. I would also love to see a mini bundle kit of the lipstick as well as matching lip liners as part of upcoming releases.

Great news! I’ve partnered with Aisa Cosmetics to get you a whopping 20% discount when you order. Just use the promo code: “LUBZS4YS10” when you place the order on the website here.

Would you buy this product? Which shade appeals to you most? 


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