Review and Swatches: Bite Beauty Best Bite Redux Lip Set

I love the holiday season – I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I do take advantage of the sales and the limited edition products that come round this time of the year.

If you’ve been following my blog and my Instagram account (follow me btw to keep up with my shenanigans – its fun!), you would know that my latest obsession besides a highlighter are lip products. So, it should come as no surprise that I grabbed this limited edition beauty from Bite Beauty.

I’ve always heard great things about Bite Beauty and wanted to try the brand. Their quirky logo (a “B” with a chunk bitten off it) is too cute!


The Best Bite Beauty Redux set comes in a red tin that is so reminiscent of old school containers. The tin is housed in a cardboard sleeve, which shows a photo of each lip product. While the company has tried to get a photo as close to the real product, it is quite hard to get a true match go the product shades.

When you open the tin, you find a sheet with swatch shades printed on them. This was a pleasant surprise because again, getting print colour to match the real shades can be a hit or miss.

The top of the tin has a great sized mirror. Not only did I love this tin before because it looks so retro, but it also houses a mirror? ????????


The set comes with four deluxe sized matte creme lip crayons. One of these shades (Orchid) is a limited edition version just for this set.

Orchid – a hot pink shade with a blue base to it

Fraise – a pretty wearable cherry / strawberry red shade (my favourite shade of them all)

Red Velvet – a deeper red shade

Truffle – a black cherry / plummy shade with a hint of brown

(L-R: Red Velvet, Fraise, Orchid, Truffle)

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the soft silicone coated lipstick bullet. The gray shade of the cover is so different from the usual plastic that’s generally a black shade. It’s absolutely unique to what I’ve got in my collection.

Scent / Texture

These lip crayons have a fruity scent to them – it actually reminds me of Kool aid / Tang / any cordial drinks. It’s not too obnoxious to venture into kiddie makeup category. The scent / flavour doesn’t last too long thankfully.

Like the name suggests, these are matte creme lip crayons. They are pigmented from the get go and wear quite comfortably. They actually remind me of the Colourpop lippie stix.

Top to Bottom: Orchid. Fraise, Red Velvet, Truffle

The opacity is quite good with these products. The only one I needed to layer on carefully was Truffle, the deepest shade. You don’t need to have a wait time for these to dry down to a matte lipstick. They pretty much go on as a matte product. They are quite as comfortable on the lips as the lippie stix and don’t feel too greasy or heavy when worn. Orchid was the creamiest to apply while in Truffle, in comparison, was a bit more stiff. They are surprisingly light and moisturising, while maintaining that matte effect (I know! Boggles my mind!).


I had a look online to see the company claims on how long these lip products last, but I couldn’t find any.

I wore Fraise for a good 8 hours, which involved light eating and drinking. In the first 20 minutes I had a sip of water and there was a decent amount of transfer to the glass of water. But as the hours wore on, the amount of transfer was significantly less. Around the 5 hour mark, the colour still stood strong; there was no fading nor feathering. At the 8 hour mark, I was left with a stain on the lips; I still had a bit of an outline on the outer edges of my lips, but since there was a stain on the lips, it wasn’t too ugly looking. Of course, by the 8 hour mark, you’d definitely need to retouch.

I had similar results with Orchid and Red Velvet. The shade that required the highest maintenance was Black Truffle – because it’s such a deep shade, you tend to see fading a bit more easily as compared to the other shades. Retouching was required a lot more often as compared to the other three.

Overall Thoughts

Orchid is a shade that I can’t see myself wearing – I don’t have the confidence to pull off such a bold shade. Other than that one shade, I love everything about these products – from the retro tin, to the soft silicone casing, to the long lasting creamy formula. I would highly recommend this as a gift for someone to even yourself.

Have you used Bite Beauty products before? Would you buy this as a present?


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