Review and Swatches: Eye of Horus Isis Sun Goddess Palette

My close friends know my obsession with Ancient Egypt. I loved history (still do) and I always seek out books and any new documentaries that I can find on the subject.

My obsession with Ancient Egypt is one of the reasons I locked sights on Eye of Horus. The brand aesthetics and their obsession with Ancient Egypt speaks to me on some level. However, while they seem to focus more on the mystical and spiritual side of the subject, I love reading about the artefacts, the documented stories, the history of it all.

Recently, Beauty Heaven (a beauty hub of a website where people who want to talk about anything beauty related come together) held an event called Beautorium. In a nutshell, Beauty Heaven works by awarding points to members for product reviews, commenting on articles and even participating in their forums (capped to a certain point). They then hold events like Beautorium for members to exchange their points for products. All you have to do is pay $10 flat shipping fee.

Like some people who wait to grab tickets to see their favourite musician live, I waited with bated breath as time rolled over to 11am (while constantly refreshing the page) when the sale would start. I knew pandemonium would hit. I had a strategy all set up – shortlist the products on my wishlist so I only focus on that rather than risk the site timing out. Luckily, as soon as 11am came round, I quickly hit “add to cart” and checked out in a matter of minutes. Phew! That was a bit stressful.

A few weeks later, I received my package in the mail, which was a great surprise for the day because I received it earlier than the email with the tracking number.


The palette comes in a slide out thin cardboard sleeve. The palette in itself is a cardboard pack that houses the three eyeshadow pans. It also features a mirror, which is small, yet fits the size the palette. The cardboard palette is sturdy and doesn’t feel like it will crush easily. The eyeshadows have provision for removal from the palette if you want to place it in a customisable z-palette.

Color / Application

I love the names of these powder shadows. The brand has really taken the whole Egyptian theme and tied the names of the products back into the vision.

Enigma MistSoft Pink Metallic Satin
Chalice BronzeGolden Bronze Metallic Satin
Sacred HuskRich Golden Brown Metallic Satin

When worn on their own over eye primer, the shadow colours don’t stand out too vividly against my skintone. The shimmer adds a subtle luminosity into the eye sockets. When layered over a neutral shadow like Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige, the luminosity stands out even more so but not like it magically becomes an opaquely pigmented shadow.

It’s actually quite interesting that this shadow is not a supremely pigmented product. I almost feel like a “challenge accepted” sort of emotion right now. It works well on people with fairer skin than I have. That said, I love the luminosity it brings to the eyes especially Enigma Mist. And especially when used with a deep kohl liner that’s lightly smudged into the lashes, it just brings a wonderful contrast to your eyes. Combine it with a headdress and some funky music and you can get your “Walk like an Egyptian” thing going on!


The powder shadows have good staying power. I have worn this for  a work day and it didn’t crease at all. But I follow the same principle as with any other eye shadow – I usually ensure that I have a good base on – an eye primer and a long wearing cream shadow, which is then set with a neutral shaded powder shadow.

The shadows blend well; Enigma Mist has the highest density of shimmer and these can spread about if you use a big fluffy brush.

Overall Impressions

I am of two minds with this palette. They provide a subtle luminosity to the eyes and it really ties back well with the Eye of Horus brand’s Egyptian theme. This is a great light base for those who don’t want the whole bold eyeshadow look.

Have you used Eye of Horus products? Would you buy this palette?


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