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Review: Barry M New Releases

Welcome back, lovely people! Public Service Announcement: It’s time to start saving up because the countdown to the gifting season is looming near. Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us and it means we start scrambling for ideas.

Now, before you start panicking; here’s one tip for you – start planning early, and get the easier gifts in advance. Companies usually launch new releases in the lead up to major holidays and there are generally some discounts at the time of new product releases.

Speaking of new releases, Barry M have launched some incredible products and they have been so kind to send me some of their range to put to the test.

Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlight Palette

Price: A$18.95

barry m

This is a palette that is out of this world. It’s literally in the name haha. When you open the palette, doesn’t it remind you of another high-end brand?

Now, down to business. This is a highlight palette that features 6 pans of product housed in a cardboard casing. You have a choice of cream and powder to layer on as you wish. Or, to really up that bling factor, apply a cream and then set it with a powder.

These highlights are not for the weak at heart. There is some serious bling-bling factor in them.

Here’s a mildly amusing story about the first time I used this palette. I was heading out to an event and decided to dive in without even so much as a test swatch. I mean, these looked pretty harmless – really, what’s the worst that could happen? And of course, I went in with the lightest shade possible (the icy white colour), which happened to be a creamy product.

Using just fingers, I tap the product on the high points of my cheeks. That’s when I realised the folly of not swatching it out. From the get-go, this thing was pigmented. There’s nothing wishy-washy about it at all. It’s not like “hmm, I could be a highlight, but let’s start with that subtle glow thing first shall we“. No, this was KA-POW!

For a daytime event, I prefer subtlety. But this product took me straight to Instagram level highlight. I looked like I had strobe lights on either side of my face. I tried to rectify it by blending it out, but it started moving me from highlight to space alien quickly. And of course, always running 10 minutes late to everything, I didn’t have enough time to start over. So I took a tissue to blot out the excess, which seemed to work. Luckily, it worked in my favour. I did get a lot of compliments on my highlight.barry m

I like that the highlight has shine but not shimmer. You don’t see any glitter particles in the product especially when you blend it on the face. This is super important to me – the last thing I want is to have glitter emphasise the pores and texture of my face.

The powder pans are just that – pressed powder highlights. There is a little bit of kick up but not excessive when you dip your brush into it.

As you can imagine the powder product lasts a lot longer than the creamy products (this will be especially true for people with oily skin). But my workaround for that is to layer the powder over the cream product in order to make it last. Finish with a setting spray and you’re all set (literally).

Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream – Galactic

Price: A$9.95

This is one ridiculously fun highlight. It has a blue duo chrome finish to it. And when the highlight hits the light perfectly, you light up in this otherworldly icy blue glow. Now, I personally wouldn’t use this highlight for everyday work use. But I would definitely use it for a night out with friends.

This cream highlight goes on smoothly onto the skin. It blends on easily and pretty much retains the icy blue tinge for about 5 hours. If you have oily skin, it will break down a lot faster. One way I try to extend the wear time of a cream highlight is to apply a powder highlight on top.

Barry M Take a Brow Gel

Price: A$13.95

I’m still a total noob when it comes to doing my brows. Chalk it up to being a busy mum or being lazy, either way, I tend to go minimalist. For me, when it comes to drama, I tend to choose a smoky eye or a strong lip (sometimes I do both and can possibly get away with it because my glasses hide a lot of the drama – and tiredness – in the eyes).

This brow gel is a monster when you compare it to most other products in the market. I mean, look at it placed next to other brow gels!

What I love about this brow gel is the wand! It’s so petite. Other brow gels tend to have larger wands – similar to mascaras. It usually means that clumsy me gets brow mascara goop all over the hard work that was my foundation base. This wand allows me to comb right through my brows without danger of product hitting my face. And even so, the clear gel will not show through anyway. Which is what I told myself with the other clear brow gels. But this time, you can actually get away with properly combing through your brows.

The best part of the gel (besides the size – it’s going to last me FOREVER!), is that my brows look natural yet have a tiny bit of setting “crunch” to it.

Barry M Get Shapey Brow and Eyeshadow Palette

Price: A$16.95barry m

Mr Lubz and I have a competition running on who carries the most stuff when we go on holiday. There was only one time that he actually beat me. But I’ve more than made up for it on other occasions. Even short weekend getaways involve more than a handful of products in my beauty pouch.

When you start packing all the essentials – you know, skincare aside – I’m talking foundation, concealer, powder, blush, contour, eyeliner, eyeshadow, brow liner, brow gel, mascara…it kinda gets a little ridiculous high maintenance crazy.barry m

This palette comes housed in a tin and features 8 pans – 1 brow wax, 3 brow products and 4 eyeshadows. The tin also comes with a mirror, which means you can look put together on the go.

The eyeshadows are all neutral shades and that is a great way to go basic. But you know me, basic is usually reserved for the days when I’m running really, really late. I mean, if you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug – follow me if you haven’t already!), you know that I love my colours and my golds shadows.

I do like the brow powders – I still need to get a hang of using them though. The tin doesn’t include an applicator – which could go either way. I mean, with budget products, you usually find a sponge applicator, whereas, with higher-end products, you get a relatively decent brush. I can’t stand sponge applicators, so if that to be included in the tin, I would (and have) toss them out.

The tin is quite sturdy and I can imagine it being quite useful in cases of an apocalypse when the world is overtaken by zombies and you need to bunker down underground yet need to look presentable when help finally does arrive.

Barry M Matte Lipstick in Obsessed

Price: A$9.95barry m

With the weather heating up, it’s time to strip down. I’m talking lipsticks. Let go of the matte liquid lipsticks that feel like paint – with the cracking and the crumbling. I’m calling it – it’s time to switch it up with bullet lipsticks. At least during the day. I can’t retire the liquid lipsticks just yet!

The lipstick is pretty stock standard. The packaging feels luxurious with its suede feel. The bullet has the Barry M logo embossed on the side. I do like the feel of the lipstick. It feels moisturising yet sets down to a matte finish. The colour Obsessed is a pinky nude shade. It’s not the perfect nude shade for my skin colour, but perfect for someone who is about 2 shades lighter than I am.

That’s not to say I won’t use the colour. It is definitely a shade I would use when running errands like grocery shopping or trips to the post office. And it lasts about 2-3 hours, in which time it really fades down to skin tone. It has a bit of transference when freshly applied. But that is not much of an issue at the 3-hour mark once much of the product has faded away.

Barry M Liquid Lip Kit

Price: TBC

The liquid lip kits are a one-stop solution for your lippie needs. You’ve got your matte liquid lipstick and the matching lip liner together. This shade is like melted rose gold. Admittedly, this is not a shade I would wear everyday; I much prefer using a little bit over the top of my base lipstick to add rose gold tinge.

Barry M Makeup Setting Spray – Dewy

Price: A$10.95

I struggled to be wowed by this setting spray. It smelled a bit off (too much of a chemical scent for my liking). I had an issue with the nozzle too. It spritzed instead of creating this fine mist that a setting spray needs. I just use it on my brushes similar to the Mac Fix plus and get a more foiled/metallic result to my shadows.

Overall Thoughtsbarry m

I do have some favourites in the Barry M range – that monstrous brow gel – whooo I LOVE it! The highlight palette comes in a close second. I think this range has some great options as presents for yourself friends. Being budget friendly allows you to buy the range, but I also think getting these products as a bundle would serve as a great Secret Santa gifts.

Have you tried anything from this range yet? What’s your favourite? Also, do you agree with me that the eyeshadow tin would definitely be useful in the case of a zombie apocalypse? Barry M Cosmic Lights Strobe Highlight Lipstick Matt


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