Review: Bio Oil

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Mel B swear by it. I’ve never used it until about a year ago. What am I referring to? Body Oil. Specifically – Bio Oil.

What is Bio Oil?

Taken from the website:

Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It is also effective for aging and dehydrated skin. Bio-Oil has won 332 skincare awards and has become the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 24 countries since its global launch in 2002.


Click here for the full list of ingredients – taken off the Bio Oil website. 


I’ve heard a lot of pregnant mums swear by it to help combat the appearance of stretch marks. I have a few stretch marks around my body, and I’m not going to lie – I didn’t see instant results. I believe you will need to use it consistently to see visible results. But what else can it be used for? I scoured the internet for uses and put it to the test.

  • Hair oil – run a few drops through your hair to tame the flyaways and the frizz.
  • Lip Balm – rub a bit onto the lips for a softer result
  • Eye makeup remover – apply a few drops to a cotton round and use it to gently remove eye makeup
  • Body Moisturiser – Massage a few drops onto damp skin to retain that dewy look and feel
  • Facial – Put a few drops onto a warm face towel and sit back and relax. This was an interesting one. My skin felt nice, but I don’t know how much I would attribute to the Bio Oil and how much was because of the steam from the warm face towel.
  • Cuticle oil – rub a few drops of Bio Oil onto your cuticles to soften them

Overall Thoughts

The oil smelled nice and it was easy to apply. My skin wasn’t too greasy after using the oil. I do have to use a lot to maintain moisture on my dehydrated skin. I find that using Bio Oil after a nice warm shower helps. But I have to admit that I didn’t notice a miraculous fading of the scars and stretch marks around my body. I will keep at it and let you know how it works out.

Have you used Bio oil before? What do you use it for – share your tips below. 

* This product was sent to me for review but my opinions are my own.


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