Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer

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If you’re someone with a medium (and deeper) skintone than me, you know the struggles of finding a foundation to match your skintone.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching affordable foundations in my skintone. I came across the healthy mix foundation when I spotted it on my beauty guru – Lisa Eldrige’s – YouTube video. She talked about this foundation and of course, I had to get it for myself. I was sorely disappointed by this product because not only was the darkest shade too light for my skintone, it also had a pretty strong scent to it – fruity, which I wasn’t a fan of! Long story short, I gave the bottle to my friend.

Recently, I was sent the newly reformulated product to test out*.

Healthy Mix Foundation


The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a see-through red lid. This is a pump action packaging; which is great because with practice, you can get the amount of foundation that you need (reduced wastage).

Product Colour and Texture

This is a liquid foundation with a slightly thicker viscosity as compared to the L’Oreal True Match Foundation and the NYX Cosmetics Total Control Drop Foundation. It is by no means a creamy product, but it isn’t a runny formula either.

I received the shade 56 Light Bronze, which is a great shade for my winter colouring. This is also the darkest shade, which means that unfortunately, for people with darker skintones than me, this range will not be suitable for you. I was thoroughly surprised that the reformulated foundation changed from a pink undertone to a neutral base. This is awesome for people like me! Affordable foundation FTW!

Like I mentioned earlier, this foundation is a liquid product with a hint of slightly higher density. It is a lightweight product and doesn’t feel cakey and suffocating to the skin.

Application and Lasting Power

I have used this product with a buffing brush and with fingers. While both techniques yielded similar results, I was slightly more swayed to using fingers as I found that the heat of the fingers helped smooth product and make it melt into the skin a touch more evenly (I noticed this around the edges of the face and the angles of my features – my nose and my chin required a little more work with blending). My absolute favourite way to apply this foundation is to get the initial blending done with a buffing brush (Real Techniques buffing brush or even my Designer Brands Foundation buffing brush). Follow through by patting and warming up the skin with the palms of my hands and thereby ensuring that the product really melds into the skin.

This foundation claims 16 hour wear time; I found it worked really well and stayed just as fresh looking at the end of a working day (around the 9-10 hour mark) without breaking down, especially around my oily t-zone. This sets to a velvety matte finish, while retaining a glowing radiance to the skin. I did set only the t-zone and the areas where I used concealer with powder to ensure long lasting results. The rest of my face was fine without having to set it with powder.

Healthy Mix Concealer


The concealer comes in a bottle that looks just like a mini version of the foundation. The only difference between the two bottles is that the concealer has a twist up top and an application wand, which the foundation has a pump action bottle.

Product Colour and Texture

This is a brightening concealer that’s meant to make you look like you’ve had 8 hours of sleep. This is an essential product for me nowadays – early starts and late nights; not to mention a kid who’s at the phase where he doesn’t want to sleep at night. My situation = dark circles bordering on panda.

There are three options with the concealer – light, medium and dark. I received the shade 03 Dark. I’m not a huge hoarder of concealer – only because I’m lazy and I just go back over the blemishes with a pinpoint brush and more foundation rather than concealer.

The concealer has a liquid to creamy texture that glides on easily.

Application and Lasting Power

The Healthy Mix Concealer has a fibre applicator wand that allows you to smooth product on in the areas you want to target. I focus this under my eyes, which is where the shadows live. Then use a small brush to buff it into the skin. Set with powder and move on to the next step. Hot tip: Use this concealer as a way to highlight areas of the face like the forehead, nose, chin, etc.

When set with a powder, this concealer lasts a whole day. It doesn’t crease nor slide all over the place.

Overall Thoughts

When I first used the Bourjois foundation, I was sorely disappointed – the colour didn’t sit right with my skintone. But this reformulated product is a welcome change for people with medium skintones. I really enjoy going back to the basics with the product – using just fingers to make the product meld into the skin. For someone who hardly uses concealer, I’m come to rely on it quite often nowadays. I’ve had multiple tries of different concealers and I didn’t find one that worked well enough for me to stick to. But this one works well to make me look like I’ve had a few hours of restful sleep and without going too ashy like a reverse panda.

Have you tried the Bourjois range yet? Do you prefer the old version or the new? 

*These products were sent to me for review, but my opinions are my own.


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