Review: Coral Colours Sheer Lipstick

In a world of vivid matte lipsticks, it can sometimes be a sheer joy to break away from the crowd and resort to something different – moisturising, sheer lipsticks.

I was sent a couple of lipsticks by Coral Colours and after a few weeks of trial, I’m ready to pen down (or is that type out) my thoughts.*


It’s hard to miss the rose gold packaging – the brand has really come on board with the color that’s trending all over Instagram and Pinterest at the moment. I like the feel of the base of the packaging, where the tube of lipstick actually sits. The lid feels a little light and almost needs a teensy amount of weight to sort of balance out the overall feel of the product in your hand. You see the logo on the top of the lid. The best part of the packaging is the window at the base of the lipstick. It gives you a real view of the actual product inside as sometimes no matter how much you try, a printed colour will just not match the actual shade of the product inside. What I found weird was the shade name was stuck on the inside rather than the usual bottom of the product. The crazy organiser in me had to take off the sticker and relocate it to the base of the lipstick, but then that resulted in the glue of the label lose its tackiness and it eventually fell off.


I received the shades Spring Bud and Delight – both light and fresh shades. Delight is a nice pink with just the right amount of silver frost to it. It is a modern throwback to the colours from the 90s / early 2000s. Spring Bud is a combination of lavender and again a silvery frost of pink. There are a few blue based shimmer particles in this shade that again reminds me of a shade of lipstick I used to rock back on the day (aka early 2000s – my mom would never let me wear makeup much later in life).

Product Application & Texture

This is a highly moisturising lipstick with a sheer finish. As expected, this formula doesn’t last too long and you have to constantly keep reapplying it. But hey! It’s like how you have to touch up your lip balm.

What I love about this lipstick is that it has a wonderful rose scent to it. It’s not that fake rubbish you find in a lot of products; rather, this is more like a real extract of the rose scented oil. It reminds me of some of my luxurious French body moisturizers (ones I usually reserve for special occasions). It’s a subtle fragrance that doesn’t fade away too quickly, but I love that it lasts for a bit.

Overall Thoughts

For days when you’re trying to rock a barely there – I just got out of bed natural look – a drying matte liquid lipstick doesn’t necessarily say fresh faced beauty. Priced at AUD 9.95, these are a decent product available for purchase online here.

Would you use sheer lipsticks or are you a true matte lipstick fan? Have you tried the Coral Colors range of lipsticks before? Which shade appeals to you?

* This product was sent to me for review but my opinions are my own.


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