Review: Huda Beauty Red Edition Mini Liquid Lipsticks

Hey! I finally joined the bandwagon! The Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick bandwagon! I recently purchased the Huda Beauty Red Edition Mini Liquid Lipsticks from Cult Beauty on sale. I’ve been using these for the last few weeks and I’m ready to share my thoughts with you.


As soon as I received the envelope, I did a mini unboxing on video with my dear friend Su and even commented on how tiny these lipsticks were. These are miniature versions of the regular Huda Beauty lipsticks. Other than the size, these mini lipsticks are pretty much identical to the regular liquid lipsticks – from the black lid to the frosted casing that holds the product in it. And once I opened it, of course, I had to take a big whiff of the product! Because Reasons! Anyway, let me tell you – these lipsticks smell of vanilla goodness. I’m not a fan of the vanilla scent – especially if it is the imitation vanilla kind. That’s a migraine inducing scent for me. One whiff and I’m gone. But does that stop me from sniffing out new products every time? Nope! But these lipsticks – They remind me of a vanilla cupcakes and all things nice!


The Red Edition includes four of the popular shades from the collection:

  • Heartbreaker
  • Material Girl
  • Showgirl
  • Famous

Product Application and Texture

These​ liquid lipsticks are like many others in the market – they have a doe foot applicator to apply product to your lips. I also find the shape of the applicator easy to outline and even overdraw the lipline. Which is a good thing for me, because Hello fuller looking lips (without needles!).

I was totally expecting the formula to cling and hug each crevice and crack in my lips and sucking the life out of my lips resulting in a dry, crumbly, shriveled mess. While one colour did that, I actually discovered a way to beat that too! Don’t get me wrong, most of the vivid matte long lasting lip products tend to do that; I’m yet to find a long lasting liquid lip product that doesn’t end up crumbly and all gross on me.

I did find that when applied on bare lips (even over the top of a lip balm), it does tend to make my lips stick together when I talk, which can be mildly annoying to say the least. And I don’t mean in that goopy way; I’m referring to lips stuck together like there is tape residue on them. The way I believe this (and probably other liquid lipsticks) are meant to work is layered over the top of the corresponding lip pencil. Now here in Australia, a Huda Beauty contour lip pencil costs just as much as the full sized liquid lipstick. To me, I believe it should be priced much lower because:

  1. You’re getting less product as compared to the liquid lipstick, and
  2. You have to constantly sharpen it to maintain it’s point, which means you shave off precious merchandise – a LOT.

You may disagree with me because reasons and I still like you; because we can have a difference of opinion and still be friends! Anyway, I digress…

For the shade Heartbreaker, a fiery red shade, I found a matching lip liner – my E.L.F. lip pencil in Ruby. This not only matches perfectly, but is also a fraction of the cost of the regular Huda Beauty lip contour pencil. Yes, yes, for those of you arguing that you can use the lip contour pencil on its own as a “lipstick”, I agree with you – the E.L.F. doesn’t stand a chance because it’s a lot less creamy and easy to smooth as the Huda Beauty lip contour pencil. But at a fraction of the cost and just being applied as a base for the liquid lip, I’m willing to overlook that. The only issue is that some of the shades are a little difficult to match exactly with a lip pencil from another brand – e.g. Showgirl and Material Girl.

Lasting Power

I have noticed a difference in lasting power between just applying the product over bare lips and layering it over lip liner. The first point of difference is that dreaded line – the one which shows that ooh, I’ve got a liquid lipstick on and I’ve eaten some food….You know – the middle portion of the lips which comes in contact with your cup of tea (or coffee!) or your straw or even the food you eat. When applied over bare lips, I’ve noticed that this demarcation shows up within about 2-3 hours of wear. When I’ve filled in with my lip liner, it takes a lot longer for the dreaded line to show up. I’ve gone upto the 5 hour mark without having that line.

I’ve also noticed that the lipstick doesn’t make your lips stick together when applied over lip liner, which makes me feel that it’s meant to be used like this rather than applied over bare lips.

Overall Thoughts

Liquid lipstick may not be for everyone. Just like how I’m not a fan of lip gloss, you may not like the feel of liquid lipstick. But for liquid lipstick junkies fans, you’re in for a treat if you haven’t tried these lipsticks. They last a long time, don’t feel crumbly nor crack (if applied over lip liner). The scent is like the (vanilla) icing on the cake. This is definitely a lipstick that I would use for when I want to have that theatre on my lips. But for days when I want to feel carefree, I’ll probably hit up one of my balm – like lipsticks. I’m glad I purchased the mini edition as that not only allows me the opportunity to a variety of colours, but also that it gives me a chance to actually finish up product. I definitely want to try the Pink Edition too!

Have you tried Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks? Are you a fan of liquid lipsticks? Will you try this one? Which shade from the Red Edition Mini lipstick do you favour? 


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