Review: Ikiara Carbonated Moisture Bubble Mask

The other day, I was going through topics to write about on my blog while brushing my teeth (because all great ideas occur while doing the most mundane tasks, don’t they?) when I spotted this mask sitting on my shelf of beauty / skincare products.

I’ve actually had this face mask for a while – purchased this in August last year. I’ve used it on and off over the last year.

This one is the Ikiara Carbonated Moisture Bubble mask. There are a bunch of these types of carbonated bubble masks in the market, especially coming from Korea (gosh! I love the innovation that comes from Korea!). I spied this on the Strawberrynet website and thought, why not?cbm

Packaging: This is a 100ml pack mask. It comes with a cartoon picture of a pig, which is meant to be cutesy; I’m not a big fan of this (or any) cartoon character personally. I like my beauty products to be identified by their colours and purpose. That said, if the cartoon represents the ingredients, that’s a different story.

Smell: This face mask has a chemically sweet scent. If you happen to take a big whiff of the product (like I usually tend to do when it comes to new things), you can potentially give yourself a headache. I’m prone to migraines and strong fragrances are my trigger, so this one did it to me. The scent doesn’t last too long once applied so push through (unless it’s too much for you).

Application: The world’s smallest spatula is included in the pack lid. At first I thought it was to be used to stir the product inside. But then online reviews said it was to apply the product to your face. With my normal sized head, it would take me forever. It really redefines the meaning of taking your time to enjoy your spa time.carbonated-bubble-mask-featured-image

Product: It has the consistency of a typical clay mask. It tends to stick to itself and has a slightly thick viscosity. Once applied, the fun begins.

It takes less than a minute for the mask to activate the foaming properties. It fizzes up and goes from a thick mask to a light and fluffy cloud. At one point, you can be mistaken for Santa Claus too! The tingling fizziness threw me off – it was totally unexpected. It almost feels like something crawling on your face.cbm-open

Once it stops fizzing and foaming, and you look more like a hobo rather than the beauty you really are, it’s time to wash off the mask. I found that it makes my skin feel smooth and balanced – not too tight nor too greasy. I follow it up with my normal skincare routine – my Swisse Rosehip Oil and moisturiser. When you mix pamper time with a bit of messy fun, I’m in!


  • Apply this in a thin layer using either fingers or a brush (or even a normal sized spatula – I repurposed an old plastic butter knife – one that’s lost all its teeth).
  • Tie all your hair up – that includes your fringes and bangs – the foam gets everywhere!
  • Think of this mask like the primary school volcano experiment – it foams up like crazy!
  • Discontinue use if you find you have an allergic reaction to this product.

Have you used anything like this product before? Let me know which one you used and what your thoughts are!


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