Review: Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow

I’m going to raise my hand here and admit my ignorance. I never actually heard of Josie Maran and her makeup line until my dear friend Su shared a photo of her eyeshadow swatches with me (cue gasps). To say I was blown away by the swatch is an understatement. I was curious about this deeply pigmented Chocolatey bronze shade. And once I found out about this product, I was onto it like holes on cheese!


The eyeshadow comes in a glass bottle with what looks like a white dropper as the lid. On close inspection, it is not a dropper at all – in fact, it is a sturdy holder for the doe foot applicator.2016-11-28-22-06-36


Josie Maran has been a really big advocate of using as many natural ingredients. And so it should come as no surprise that her eyeshadows are infused with coconut water.

When you first get the eyeshadow, you will notice that the pigment has settled at the bottom of the container. This is normal and a gentle swirl of the bottle will mix the pigment and the “water” together. Don’t do what Su did and tip the water out. The shadow will dry then and will be unusable.

Application / Texture

The eyeshadow has a slightly watery feel to it when applying to the lids. It almost reminds me of the Benetint. Once you’ve applied it, the shadow actually feels cool on your lids. I like that!

Depending on the result I want, I pack on the pigment. For a lighter, subtle result, I dab the applicator on to the tops of my lids and then using fingers blend out. I then clean up the edges with a clean blending brush. For a more foiled shadow result, I layer it on one or two more times. And seriously, it. is. pigmented! 2016-11-28-22-06-54

Once set, it doesn’t budge. The longest I’ve worn it is for about 9 hours. And it stayed as beautiful and pigmented as when I first applied it. It does start to feel a bit heavy when you get to packing on the layers (especially for a super foiled bling-bling look).


This range has a range of just 6 shades, but that doesn’t mean that your options are limited to these shades. You can mix them and create unlimited looks with just these shades. I have the Rose Gold and Bora Bora Bronze. These two work well on their own, but even better together. I like to create a little bit of a smoky eye with the bronze in the crease and the gold along the top lid.


I love these shades. There was a bit of a learning curve when it came to using the products especially blending before they set, but after a couple of trials, I found them easy enough to blend and the staying power is phenomenal. I bought them at Mecca for $28 a piece. I only wish that the brand had a limited edition mini size of these products aroubd Christmas time for gift giving and even for people to just try them.


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