Review: Kat von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

Do you ever buy a palette and end up just using a few of the pans while avoiding others because the colours are scary or you you don’t think you can pull it off?

On the line: Kat von D Shade & Light Eye Contour palette. There are some really beautiful shadows and some that are purely intimidating (that pitch black shade can look scary).


The Kat von D palette comes in a cardboard pack. You slide out the palette, which has the same design as the cardboard box. The palette in itself is made of sturdy cardboard. The brand and the name of the palette is highlighted with a layer of Spot UV. (Technical term alert: Spot UV is that shiny reflective layer that brands use to make certain aspects of their products stand out). I learned this during my time in the Advertising Industry.

Colours & Texture

This palette features 12 matte eyeshadows​. One thing that stands out is that 3 of the 12 shadows have a larger pan size. That’s because Kat von D has created this palette with the functionality in mind. The larger pans are the base shadow over which you build the look you’re going for.

All three base shadows are neutral, which works well in that it won’t muddy up any shadows you layer over the top of them.

These shadows have a silky smooth texture to it with some powder kick off. hey smooth really well when you use a blending brush to create varied looks ranging from simple to full on glam smokiness.

 Now, let’s get to the fun stuff. Here are some looks I’ve created with this palette.

Lasting Power

I always use a primer under my eyeshadow. This extends the life of the shadow to look just as good as if it was freshly applied. I don’t have an issue with oily lids and my shadows tend to last a fair chunk of the day. I also use the black shadow with a damp brush to line my eyes.

Overall Thoughts

This is a fast becoming a favourite palette in my collection. With so much versatility in the shadows, the palette offers you endless possibilities to go from day to night look.

Have you tried this palette before? Also, if you use this palette for your looks, please post your photos on Instagram and tag me so that I can see your recreation. 


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