Review: Klara Paris Rose Gold Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette

You guys! I’m so excited it’s finally here! 2016 was a year of prize wins – First there was the Sleek Makeup prize win. Then there was the Lush prize win and then finally this one. In November 2016, Klara cosmetics had a competition on Snapchat, which yours truly was lucky enough to win! The Prize: A Rose Gold Palette.

Just last week, I received this palette. It is one of the few palettes here in Australia prior to official launch, so I feel very special for sure!


The package came in a beautifully wrapped box with a little note congratulating me on my prize win. I’m definitely keeping it. The palette comes in a thin cardboard box with the Klara logo and a simply embossed logo of a Parisian skyline. I really like how well thought out and effective such a simplistic design is. The back of box shows you a design of what the palette looks like and descriptions of the shades included.

Open the cardboard and you are greeted with this supremely stylish rose gold casing (Oh, be still my heart!). Let’s take a minute to appreciate the casing! The rose gold is so reflective and pretty much acts like a mirror with an automatic Instagram filter applied.


This is an eyeshadow and highlight palette. It contains six eyeshadows and one highlight in the palette. Three shadows are matte and three are shimmers. The palette also houses a pretty decent sized mirror for good application of the shadow and highlight (and even to check for touch ups as the day wears on).

This is what I would class as a nude palette. The shadows are warm toned with a combination of browns and golds.  I can see myself using all these shadows (well not at the same time – maybe hehe). And I’m in love with the duochrome shadow in the top right hand corner. It throws off the most beautiful pink / gold shade when it catches the light. And you know what? I’m not opposed to using the highlight in the bottom right corner as eyeshadow too – it really reminds me of the Tarte eyeshadow Pin Up.

Application / Texture

This Klara palette is made with 100% pigments, which means the more you dip your brush or finger in it, the more intense the pigment. The shadows are smooth and blend really well. The matte shadows do kick up a bit of powder when you dip your brush in it. I love using the darker shades in the outer corner to exaggerate the depth in the eyes. And using a flat brush over the shimmers delivers wonderful results. If you want really up that intensity of the shimmers, use a damp brush.


The mattes work as a beautiful base for the shimmers or even work well together as a simple look. I love pairing understated eyes with a bold lip. I have to admit that I’ve used three out of the 6 shadows and I really love how deeply pigmented they are. I always use my favourite primer under any shadow to ensure extended wear.

Overall Thoughts

I’m so enamoured by this palette. The casing in itself is just what this girl needed in her life! The quality of the shadows is just amazing. The highlight can double as a shadow in itself and it has a wonderful duochrome finish (and I would personally just use it as a shadow). The palette is not out yet. But once it is out, it’s a great purchase.

What do you think of this palette? Would you purchase this? 


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