Review: L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint

Welcome back beauties! You all know of my slight obsession with lip products. I don’t even know why…. I don’t really have the most instagrammable looking lips. But still the obsession continues. So, of course, when L’Oreal released the Infallible Lip Paint, moi has to try them out.

PackagingLoreal Infallible Lip Paint

The Infallible Lip Paint look like what is fast becoming a standard for liquid lipsticks – they are a tube based product with a screw on applicator wand. The size of the product stands out for me. When compared to the other budget liquid lip product in a tube (A.K.A. the Maybelline Color Jolts), this product is a mammoth. Well, when you compare it to other high end liquid lipsticks, the size is pretty similar. The packaging reflects the colour of the product inside and has a black screw on lid.

Product Colour & ApplicationLoreal Infallible Lip Paint

Speaking of colour, the Infallible Lip Paint have a selection of 10 shades available here in Australia ranging from the everyday nudes to some really bright and bold colours. I have three shades – Apocalypse Red (matte), Hollywood Beige (matte) and Gone With the Nude (lacquer).

The Infallible Lip Paint come with a wand applicator. But this applicator is differently shaped – it has a curved body meant to hug the contours of the lips for even application. I found it worked relatively well for my lower lip, but I sure struggled with my top lip. The colours a quite pigmented for a one swipe application, which is great because you achieve even application from the get go.


Loreal Infallible Lip Paint Swatches
Top to Bottom: Hollywood Beige, Gone with the Nude, Apocalypse Red

There are two finishes in the product range – Lacquer and Matte. The Lacquers have a lot more slip to it and have a high shine factor, while the Matte is….well….matte. The actual lip product has a thick creamy texture to it. To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the texture in itself; it felt pretty goopy to me.

If you’re thinking of applying the Infallible Lip Paint in thin layers, the texture of the product will not allow you to do so, unless you add extra steps to the process like apply the product to the back of your hand and using a lip brush, smooth it over the lips in thin layers. But being someone who’s always running 10 minutes late to everything, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Lasting Power

In terms of lasting power, these lipsticks moved – A LOT. This annoyed me the most as it was a lot more high maintenance than I was prepared for. Especially at work – I didn’t enjoy looking like Fitzbo the clown. Simple sips of water (and talking) meant that the lipstick inched closer and closer to my chin.

I expected some movement with Gone With the Nude as it has a lacquer finish, but even the mattes moved! To have a deep shade like Apocalypse Red move is not at all flattering! And being a matte shade, it definitely left a stain that needs more than just a damp tissue to remove. I needed micellar water to get rid of all traces of product. Using a lip pencil helped the products stay put a bit, but unless Faber Castell have come up with a collaboration on lip liners, it is hard to get a proper colour match on all the shades available in the range.

Overall Thoughts

Loreal Infallible Lip Paint

I don’t usually feel quite so strongly towards a product. I tend to focus on the positives when I do my reviews.

On a positive note, the colour payoff is really incredible and the matte stain lasted all day. But the issue of the sliding product was the biggest disappointment for me. It is affordable for it’s size and will be cheaper when it’s on sale. As I write up this post, this product is currently on sale at Chemist Warehouse and Priceline.

Have you tried out the L’Oreal lip paints yet? How do you stop a lipstick from sliding all over the place?


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