Review: L’Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lip Pen

I’m so excited to write this post! I actually debated posting it out of the usual Tuesday and Friday schedule. But I managed to restrain myself (just barely).

Lip products rarely elicit such a reaction from me. I usually find myself jumping with glee when I find a foundation that meets my requirements while matching my skintone. Or if I find an eyeshadow that just speaks to me.1

The other day, I was messaging a friend of mine about lipstick. If you didn’t know, I’ve joined in on the #30daysoflipstick trend that’s going around Instagram.

I was looking at some lipsticks from L’Oreal – the Color Riche Exclusive Pinks collection that they released with their ambassadors like Julianne Moore and Eva Longoria. I’ve got plenty of reds and nudes and my mind was telling me it’s time to try something new. A statement shade. A Pink. People who know me would gasp because I’m the exact opposite of pink and what it stands for – girly, feminine, dainty.

But my friend, the lovely Su, with her enviable collection of lipsticks and eyeshadows, directed my attention to the L’Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lip Pen. She was keen on the shade 004 Oops I Pink It Again which is a vibrant pinky red. Intrigued, I went to my local Chemist Warehouse to check it out and swatch it for myself.

And that, my friends, is the end of the story. I grabbed not only that shade but 008 I Gotta Feeling too.


The packaging has a black wand and a coloured cap. The colour on the cap is an indication of the colour inside. While it is hard to match the shade of the lipstick exactly, the colour on the cap does a pretty decent job of it.

Pigment inside the cap

The cap contains the pigment and the black wand has a little sponge puff like a teeny tiny beauty blender. The pigment in the cap looks like its a powdered product. Before this, I was actually tempted to buy the RiRe lip powder off the internet to try because – OMG, so uniquely fun! But I’m glad I got this lippie from Chemist Warehouse so I could experiment quicker.


To get product on the sponge, you need to pump it and swirl it into the cap. The black wand has a retractable spring fitting that allows you to do so. Quite similar to the Stila Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner.

Sponge Applicator

Apply to the lips, but the difference is it doesn’t feel like there’s anything on them. You know how sometimes you can feel the slickness of the lipstick on your skin? Or the drying feeling of a matte lipstick? This one doesn’t have either!

The weight of the wand is quite comfortable. It feels balanced in your hands and is not weighed down at all nor does it feel too light to use correctly.


The colour is pigmented and you can achieve a full lip with it. Or you can even do the latest Korean ombre lips where the depth of colour fades as you reach the outer corners of your lips.

008 I Gotta Feeling

Scent and Finish

This lipstick smells of berries – like blueberries and raspberries. Not offensively so, just a faint smell. The scent doesn’t last too long and it dissipates quickly. It doesn’t smell of a chemical fragrance, it just reminds me of fresh berries (and pancakes!)

This is a matte lipstick yet doesn’t feel drying on the lips. Matte Lipsticks usually make me feel super dry and my lips are achieving a prune-like effect (like when you’ve sucked on a lemon). This lipstick can settle in the ridges of the lips, but doesn’t make the skin feel rough at all. Using a lip scrub before using this product helps with the overall feel of your lips and makes this product last better.

My attempt at an Ombre Lip (008 in the centre and 004 out)

You can layer it on, but more product doesn’t mean more pigment. It is highly pigmented as it is, but stops getting more so at level 2 of layering. It is a matte lipstick but a comfortable one at that. It doesn’t bleed nor feather. Plus you can layer gloss on top of it if you want a glossier effect.

Staying Power

It doesn’t transfer across but it does wear down as you eat and drink. The end effect is not patchy at all, rather it looks like a really nice stain. I Gotta Feeling wears down and looks like you’ve had a grape drink, while Oops I Pink It Again looks like you’ve just had a Raspberry flavoured Kool Aid.

004 Oops I Pink It Again (after eating and drinking)

You know how some lipsticks need to be removed completely before reapplying – mostly because they become patchy or ball up with a fresh new layer? This lipstick doesn’t do that. It’s just as good with reapplication as it is using it for the first time.

Using other products on top

I have tried this lipstick with a lipbalm on top and even the Benefit Benetint. It works well; the Benetint didn’t make much of a difference to the overall shade or staying power of the lipstick. The balm just felt like that – a balm. It did kill the longevity of the lipstick a bit, but hey! It’s not a pain to reapply.

I love the overall look, feel and effect this vibrant lipstick gives. I also love the pop song reference. It’s a fun product and complete win for me. The colors are so pigmented yet feel like nothing on your lips! Mind=Blown!

Would I buy it at full price? The beauty bargain hunter in me says no – keep an eye out for the catalogues because this brand is always on sale at Big W, Target, Chemist Warehouse and Priceline. I actually purchased this at 1/2 off from Chemist Warehouse.2

Follow along and join in on the challenge by posting your lipstick photos on Instagram and use the #30daysoflipstick and tag me on the photos @lubzsays so I can see them. Su also has her own Instagram account where she posts ridiculously beautiful and colorful photos of exotic insects. I personally run in the opposite direction of a bug, but she manages to capture these creatures in a beautiful combination of light and color that just needs to be seen to be believed. And if you ask nicely, I’m sure she will be happy for you to use her photos as a backdrop for your computer or mobile screens.

Have you tried the L’Oréal Infallible Matte Max Lip Pens? What are your thoughts on them? Would you join in on the #30daysoflipstick trend on Instagram?


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