Review: Maybelline  Eye Studio Color Tattoo

I love eyeshadows. I am truly obsessed. I have waaay too many shadows in my collection than I know I’m ever going to be able to use. Cream shadows are one of my favourite products to use because they are pretty much fool proof and the staying power means it won’t crease and budge on you. And if they’re budget friendly, even better!!20161212_140544-01


These Maybelline shadows come in a glass pot similar to the Gel liner. As much as I have my misgivings about glass pots, I’ve actually dropped this once or twice and expected shattered glass everywhere. But to my surprise, they just bounced off the tiled floor like it was nothing.

All the shadows have the black lid with the Maybelline brand name and the colour on it. The glass bottom has the brand name plus it’s clear enough to see the actual color through the glass.20161212_135829-01


The Eye Studio color range originally came in 6 shades, which were the usual sheen shadows. And then Maybelline introduced the Metallics range, 2 super mettalic shades that reminds me of sparkles and shimmer. Their latest is the Leather collection, which is meant to represent the matte, more edgier version of yourself – think black leather, suede, rock & roll (though, when I say it like that, rock & roll is more about leather than suede….but I digress). The leather collection had an additional 4 shades to the range.20161212_140501-01

Application / Texture

As with most shadows, this can be applied either with fingers or with a brush. And I’m super comfortable using both techniques to achieve a quick look. The shadows work well on their own or can be layered and mixed for added effect.

They have a slight gel like consistency, but don’t be fooled – it sets fast!! And once set, it doesn’t budge. Thethe way I like to work this product is to first apply it with fingers (the warmth of your digits helps to smooth the shadow to your lids) and then use a clean brush to blend out the edges.

I did have trouble with one shadow (Tough as Taupe) where it dried out on me and no matter what I tried, it was a hard unusable mess. But a couple of friends of mine on BeautyHeaven told me to scrape off the top layer and try it again. This worked! And it is a nice grey taupey shade that works well for a day to night look.


The bad shadow aside, I really like this range. They are blend well, work great on their own, paired up with other colours of the eye tattoo range or even to have powder pigments layered on top of them. Most importantly, they last a long time and are budget friendly.  You can find this range at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and wherever Maybelline can be purchased.

Have you tried the Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo shadows? Do you like them?


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