Review: Maybelline Lip Studio ColorJolt Intense Lip Paint

Maybelline came out with a product that’s a combination of liquid lipstick and lip gloss. I was pretty keen on trying it out because I’ve been too hooked onto matte lipsticks and was looking for a change to something a bit different.

According to the Maybelline website:

Color Jolt Lip Paint goes where no gloss has dared go before. It’s pigment packed, 1000 watt shine will truly electrify your surroundings.


Color Jolt comes in a tube format – similar to the Too Face Melted Matte lipstick. But I believe that’s where the similarities end. The size of the Color Jolt is a lot smaller. Each tube contains 6.4ml / 0.21fl oz of product.

The tube in itself is coloured the same shade as the product inside. Also, it features the shade name so it’s easy to identify and choose the colour you want.

Product / Application

The Color Jolt Lip Paints have a sponge tip applicator. When you open it fresh from the tube, the sponge is white and has a hole in the centre to allow product to flow through. The pristine white sponge doesn’t last though, because as you use it, the sponge gets coated in the lip colour.

This product works pretty much the same as the liquid lipsticks with their doe foot applicators; a simple swipe will apply colour to the lips. You can layer product on for deeper pigmentation. With application, I found that the lighter shades performed really well as compared to the deeper shades, which required extra layers to get an even colour on the lips. Talk Back Red was alright; Berry Naughty was the shade that required evening out.

Colour / Texture

Maybelline released eight shades in the Color Jolt range. I got five from the shade range.

05 – Stripped Down

10 – Never Bare

15 – Fight Me Fuchsia

20 – Orange Outburst*

25 – Talk Back Red

30 – Red-dy Or Not*

35 – Berry Naughty

40 – Violet Rebel*

*not pictured

These lip paints have the texture of a silky lipstick with a slight sheen and it wears down to a matte stain. The freshly applied lipstick is wonderful and vibrantly pigmented and looks absolutely stunning. But I also love the way it looks as a matte stain – subtle and very comfortable. As this is more like a sheeny lipstick rather than a drying matte liquid lipstick, the texture has a bit of a slip to it, but is by no means greasy (unless you’re aiming for the 100 layers of lipstick challenge). It feels soft and has a bit of hydration to it even when it fades down to a matte stain. Once faded, it actually reminds me of the L’Oreal Infallible lip pens I reviewed last year.


The nature of the lip paint means if you want to have that freshly applied vibrantly glossy look, you need to reapply throughout the day. If you don’t mind the stained effect, I would say apply a couple of coats – blot in between each layer – and you’re all set. This one transfers a lot – you get the lipstick stain on the rim of your cup / glass during the day – and it wears down quite quickly. Luckily, during the summer days that we’re experiencing now (30+ degree heat), I haven’t noticed any meltdown where the product spreads across your lips to the rest of your face, meaning your attempt at clown face is complete. Being a small tube, it is tiny enough to slip into your pocket for quick touch ups on the go. Note that when the deeper shades fade, they tend to do so in patches; especially if you’re like me – a compulsive lip biter. This was most noticeable on Berry Naughty and Talk Back Red. This issue is easily remedied if you use a lip liner over your lips and then apply the lip paint.

Overall Thoughts

I really love the shades Stripped DownTalk Back Red and Berry Naughty. These are my kind of colours! I thought that Berry Naughty would be very purple, but on me, it’s got a good combo of red and berry. I really like the packaging because it’s so easy to choose the colour you want without looking too hard and application is super easy. I equally like the vibrant satiny shades as well as how it looks as it fades through the day. I don’t know if I would spend the full retail price for this product – I feel it is pretty pricey for $15.95. I would definitely wait for the sales to stock up on this.

Have you tried the Maybelline Color Jolt Lip Paints? What do you think of these? What colours did you get? 


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