Review: Natural Glamour Perfecting Primer and Creme Foundation

Raise your hand if you are a primer and foundation junkie. I’m starting to lose count of the number of primers I’ve accumulated since I started my blog (I tell you – it was all in the name of research!). For someone who used to struggle to find a shade of foundation to match my skintone, I’m so impressed that I now have ranges to choose from!

Natural Glamour recently sent me their Compact Foundation and Perfecting Primer to trial.

Perfecting Primer

Price: AUD 19.95


This primer comes in a frosted glass bottle wrapped with the black labeling of the company details. The label is understated with its simplistic design – white text on a black background. There is a large stamp stating that the primer is free from Fragrance, Talc, Parabens and Mineral Oil smack bang on the front of the label.

Product Texture and Application

The primer in itself is a clear gel with no discernible fragrance. The bottle has an airless pump applicator – a favourite of mine. The issue I face is that it takes a bit of practice to control the amount of product you can get out with each use.

This primer can be applied any way you want – fingers, brush or even your beauty sponge. I prefer using my fingers as it feels like a dream to smooth the product on.

The primer feels smooth to apply and dries down to a silky almost velvet-like finish. I have also noticed that the pores around my nose are less pronounced and the subsequent layers of makeup tend to smooth over quite easily without emphasising the crevices and craters.

Compact Foundation

Price: AUD 39.95


The foundation comes in a black cardboard box that mirrors similar details as the primer. The white text on the black background stand out quite well.

Once you slide the compact out, the first aspect that jumps out at you is that the compact is housed in a blue plastic casing. The back shows you the details on the product (like the shade name and the ingredients) while the front has a simple logo.

The compact has a mirror as well as a separate chamber for the accompanying sponge applicator.

Product Application and Texture

The foundation is a creme compact and has a thick consistency. I found the best way to work the product on to my skin was to use it with a beauty sponge – a beauty blender or the sponge that comes with the foundation. Once you’ve patted it onto the skin, use a buffing brush to blend it out. It starts off light, but the more you later on, the more it covers up. And it doesn’t look too cakey either, which is a win for me!

One thing I’ve noticed about the foundation is to be mindful of the type of tool you’re using to smooth product on the skin – I used a M.A.C. stippling brush and it pulled on waay too much product. And a long bristled brush like the M.A.C. stippling brush then leaves a lot of “brush strokes” on the skin. Using a short bristled brush like the Real techniques buffing brush or the Designer Brands buffing brush work really well for this foundation.

A little heads up about the foundation – the shade range. There are only three shades in this range and I received the darkest shade. This caters to people with medium and lighter skin tones. I do hope that the company releases foundations for deeper skin tones soon. 

I did notice that using the combination of primer and foundation together made the overall effect last all day. Even the hot Melbourne weather didn’t make my face melt. The foundation does lend a smooth velvety finish to the face and it feels natural and light on the skin. I find the need to set my foundation especially with my oily t-zone (this is true for pretty much all the foundations I use), but if you’re one with dry skin, you can probably skip the powder and go on to blush and bronzer. The next layers of makeup smooth well for that Instagram worthy look.

Overall Thoughts

I spotted the range from Natural Glamour on the Priceline website. I didn’t think I would like the creme foundation because these usually are a hit and miss beause of my oily t-zone. But I’m really impressed with how it performs especially in the heat. I even received a bunch of comments on this Instagram photo where I had the foundation on – most of the comments were about my skin and how it looked radiant.

The primer is quickly making its way up the ranks into highly used products. It feels incredible on the skin and extends the wear of my makeup.

Have you tried Natural Glamour products before? Which of these products appeal to you? 

* This product was sent to me for review but my opinions are my own.


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