Review: NYX Cosmetics Vivid Brights Liner

Hey everyone! If you’re a long time follower of my blog, you’ll know that I love my coloured liner. In fact, my very first blog post (here) was about coloured liner.

So when I learned of the latest launch of Vivid Brights Liner by NYX Cosmetics, I was super excited. The name in itself puts it out there! I got a bunch of these and I put it to the test for you*.


The liners come in white cardboard boxes that feature a pretty good life sized version of the real product on the front. Slide out the product and you’re greeted with a liner that has a nondescript black lid and a vibrant shade base. The shade of the base reflects the colour of the product inside.

Product Colours and Application

The Vivid Brights​ liners are like your typical liquid liners with the long flexible felt tip applicator. This is my preferred style of applicator as I find that the flexible tip actually moves with your skin instead of against it. I usually find that the liners with the pen-like stiff tips have a tendency to draw a line; however the eyeliner will have a little crater in the middle where the tip makes contact with the eyelid (for me anyway).

I received all the colors in this range and some may be a little out there (there’s a red liner in the bunch), but hey! last week I wore blue lipstick.

Texture and Lasting Power

I’m on the fence about the texture of the liner. While in the container and still wet, it works like any other liner. However I did find that the final result (when dry) tended to crack and look like paint. Thankfully, it didn’t flake off too heavily, which would have been disastrous for my sensitive eyes. It stayed put on the lids while looking cracked.

The cracking is not too noticeable. Especially when you draw a subtle, thin line. It’s when you go all dramatic with super thick lines that the cracking can be noticeable. Also, if you scrape off excess product on the side of the tube, you tend to get a cleaner, less gloppy line.

The cracks in the liner also pose a challenge when you’re like me and you try to draw a double liner (e.g. black liner on top and colour liner underneath). The cracks in the Vivid Brights​ liner makes any subsequent lines on top become jagged.

In terms of lasting power on the lid, the liner has a pretty decent lifespan. I’ve used it on bare skin, and with eyeshadow and I haven’t noticed a difference in lasting power. The product does last a fair chunk of the day; I wore the green liner to work and it’s been on for pretty much the whole day. At about the 9 hour mark, I did find that my eyes were getting a little irritated – possibly from the miniscule flakes that were starting to appear. So if you have sensitive eyes, keep that in mind.

When it comes to washing off, warm water is best. The liner disintegrates at the combination of warm water and a little bit of rubbing action.

Overall Thoughts

Like the name says, the liners are quite vivid. One swipe of the applicator is all you need to get that intensity. There are some challenges with these liners – the cracking being the main issue. There are some colours I would shy away from. But others that I would love to wear. The cracking is noticeable with the brighter colours – the lilac and the yellow liner had the most amount of cracking on them. The deep blue shade was my favourite (surprise surprise).

Would I repurchase? The blue and the green most likely. The other colours are fun, but I’m not sure I can see myself getting them again especially since they crack so easily.

Would you try these liners? Which shade are you most interested in?

*I received these products for review, but my opinions are my own.


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