Review: NYX Total Control Drops Foundation and #Noselfie Powder

Being a person of olive skin colour, it is hard for me to find an affordable foundation to match my skintone. Affordable foundations are usually lacking in the shade range. For me, a lot of the time, the foundations are either too yellow or too pink for my neutral skin colour. The “darkest” neutral bases are usually enough to work for my winter skin colouring (when I’m not as tanned as I am in the summer).

So, how do I find the NYX Cosmetics Total Control drops foundation?


The foundation comes in an unassuming black box that shows the name of the product. The back of the box has a visual guide on the level of coverage you achieve depending on the number of drops of foundation you use.

Out of the box, the foundation is housed in a glass bottle with a black dropper. Very simplistic and can really pass off for a luxurious product.

Some people may have an issue with the dropper feature – constantly​ opening the bottle increases air contact with the foundation and therefore could be a turn off for them.

Formula, Texture & Colour Range

Don’t be fooled by the size of the bottle. This is a product with concentrated pigment. You need to shake the bottle before each use.

That said, it has a runny consistency to it. It feels very lightweight on the skin and I don’t feel caked up nor heavy when I apply it. The best part of this foundation is the smell – it has none! No migraine inducing scent, no floral fragrance, nothing.

The choice of shades is great; this is one of those rare occasions where I’m not the deepest shade in the affordable foundation category. There is at least 1 other shade deeper than my skintone. So, all my beautiful readers with deep skintone, rejoice!

Application, Coverage & Lasting Power

There are different ways to apply this foundation – brush, sponge (beauty blender) or even fingers. Fingers are my least favourite way to apply this product because it’s so runny. The beauty blender and the brushes yeild similar results. The only difference is that the brush tends to buff the product in and therefore give you thin layers of foundation, while the beauty blender packs the product onto your skin giving you a heavier result.

Coverage is buildable from light (1 drop) to heavy (5 drops or more). Light coverage is perfect to give you that hint of evenness for those quick trips to the shops, trip to the beach or where you want to rock that “no makeup – I woke up like this” look. I tend to favour the 3-5 drops of foundation. The best part is that even with 5 drops, I don’t look like I’ve got a ton of foundation on my skin. I’ve got little splotches of light pigmentation on my cheek; this foundation with 3 drops covered it easily. But I believe that you will need to go over heavier pigmentation, redness, blotchiness, etc with a concealer. The tone of this foundation has a perfect balance of red and yellow, which makes it a great match to my skintone with its neutral base. It settles down to a velvet matte finish with a subtle luminous glow.

I think that this foundation’s thin consistency and higher pigmentation means it has a decent lasting power. When worn on its own, it lasts about 4 hours before my oily t-zone breaks the foundation down. Also, using a primer under the foundation​ and setting it with powder helps to extend the life of the foundation by a few more hours.

Speaking of powder, the NYX Cosmetics #noselfie powder is a great companion to the Total Control Drops foundation.


This powder comes in a very simple clear plastic container with black trim. You can see the amount of product that’s included in the container. It’s going to take me a while to hit pan with this product.

Product Application & Texture

This works like most powders – use a Kabuki brush or a powder brush, swirl all over the pan and sweep all over the face. I tend to give a little more loving to my oily t-zone to make sure that it doesn’t go all greasy quickly. This powder feels quite silky to the touch. It does have a fair amount of kick up, especially when using my kabuki brush. But it could be because my kabuki brush has coarse bristles and does feel a bit scratchy (why am I still using it? – I can’t seem to toss it away). When I use my Lottie London brush, it doesn’t have as much of a kick up of powder.

Lasting Power

My skin has a flawless, almost airbrushed look to it when I use this powder. It works well on its own and even over either sunscreen or moisturiser. But it seems to work best when applied over the top of the custom drops foundation. You know how sometimes when you find a powder that works well for you, but it sometimes clashes with the base? Like the shade is not a perfect match? Well, here the shades not only match, they seem to meld together to create this beautiful result to your skin.

I always use a primer before I set my base, and this powder helps to extend the life of the overall look. My oily t-zone tends to get shiny quickly; when using this product in conjunction withthe primer and the foundation, my skin looks great for a good 6-7 hours. I’m not going to say that my oily t-zone doesn’t shine through; it does. Like the sun showing up on a cloudy day, my shine does eventually break through the barrier. So I always carry my powder to touch up my oily t-zone.

Overall Thoughts

NYX Cosmetics have come out with a winning combination – the Total Control Drops foundation and the #noselfie powder work really well together to give you a beautiful result. This combination was even featured on their Instagram stories when the #squad visited Coachella. The fragrance free product does not induce a migraine for me, the shades match my skintone well and best of all, they even have shades that cater to people with deeper skintone as me.

These products will be releasing in May at Priceline and wherever NYX can be purchased. I received these products when I attended the NYX Cosmic Metals event recently*.

Are you keen to try out the custom drops foundation and #noselfie powder? 

* These products were sent to me for review but my opinions are my own.


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