Review: Rimmel “The Only One” Matte Lipsticks

Calling all matte lipstick lovers. I know I’m late to the party, but hey! I’m here with the entertainment (well, I’ve got knock knock jokes).

You’ve probably seen all the reviews out then on the blogosphere as well as on Social Media. I received these lipsticks from Rimmel and here are my thoughts on the products*.


The Originals vs The Mattes

The lipsticks look similar to the original The Only One lipsticks. The only difference is the vivid red colour of the packaging and the matte texture of the packaging. I think it’s the perfect way to differentiate between the regular range and this one. The Rimmel logo stands proud at the top of the lid and the name of the shade is listed on the base.

Product – Colours and Texture

The new Matte range of lipsticks have a whole set of colours – nine shades to be exact. I received three of the nine shades –

810 – The Matte Factor

500 – Take the Stage

120 – Call the Shots

Staying Power

Key feature to note – These lipsticks have a semi-strong fragrance to it that reminds me of at-home hair dye. 810 – The Matte Factor has the strongest scent of the three I received. The other two did have the same scent, but not as strong as The Matte Factor. Thankfully, it didn’t linger too long.

In terms of staying power, I don’t need to say too much! Being matte lipsticks, they’re lasting power is pretty decent. They lasted quite well and vividly through a light breakfast, a small latte and several glasses of water – actually right up to lunch, which is soup for me most days. A messy lunch means that my lipstick fades off quickly. I have to say that when the lipsticks did fade, they faded evenly and I didn’t have a patchy mess to deal with – ALWAYS a good thing in my books.

I will say that you don’t need to use these with a lip liner, but since I have a smaller upper lip, I tend to cheat it with a lip liner in a matching shade. I do love the shape of these lipsticks as I find the cylindrical tube has a perfect edge to outline a pretty decent lip line.

Tip: always layer your lip products – they work so much better and last that little bit longer when applied in thin layers. I always apply, blot and reapply. This way, it feels so much more comfortable than a thick smear applied to the lips.

Overall Thoughts

Wearing Call the Shots

These are creamy, lightweight lipsticks that retain it’s vivid shade and last a long time. From the beautiful red packaging to the product names, Rimmel have really created a winning formula in these lipsticks. I received the three best shades in my opinion, but if you follow my Instagram account, you’ll probably know that I tend to be biased towards a red lip.

Have you tried the Rimmel Only One Matte lipsticks? Which shade is your favourite?

* This product was sent to me for review but my opinions are my own.


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