Review: Sleek Eye and Cheek Palettes

In early April this year, Sleek launched at select Target stores. As an introductory offer, they had a special discount for these products. I marked the launch date in my calendar and off I went to Target armed with a list of products I wanted to buy (hello, matte liquid lipsticks, iDivine eyeshadow palette and highlighter quad!). Lo and behold! The display was empty save for the two eye and cheek palettes. These were further down on my list, but I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to try some Sleek makeup so I grabbed the last of these palettes before the lady standing next to me had the chance. And yes, she did give me the stink eye for doing so – sorry lady! (Not really *fist pump*) #sorrynotsorry.

About Sleek

Sleek MakeUP are a UK based brand that cater their products to everyone, including us tan and dark skinned beautiful people! If that isn’t enough to excite you, they don’t test on animals! (does a little happy dance). Their range of products are perfect for muted everyday, romantic and sultry and the colorful at heart spanning face, eyes, lips and cheeks.

The palettes I purchased are called “All Day Soiree” and “Midsummer’s Dream“. They are as different as night and day.

all day soiree 1
All Day Soiree palette

All day Soiree is great for people with fairer skintone – it features a lot of pale pinks and flesh tones. Even though I’ve got tan skin, I reach for this palette when I want to achieve a minimal makeup look, with muted eyes and soft hint of a blush. I use the champagne colour on the top left hand corner as a highlight.

All Day Soiree eye look
All day Soiree
All day Soiree used on the Eyes and Cheeks
Midsummers Dream
Midsummer’s Dream Palette

Midsummer’s dream is aptly named; I can’t think of a better description for this palette. It reminds me of time spent lazily enjoying the warmth and beauty of the setting summer sun. This palette has a lot more bronze and golden shades as compared to All day Soiree. It is perfect for travels to exotic tropical places or even if you want to achieve a mysterious, sultry, sun kissed look. I love this palette on people with tan and darker skintones. That bronzey blush just screams sun kissed glow!

Midsummer’s Dream eye look
Midsummer’s Dream used on the Eyes and Cheeks

With each palette, you get 4 eyeshadows, and two blushes plus the tools to apply the makeup. The mirror included is sufficient for those quick last minute makeup applications in the cab as you zoom across town to get to your destination. The slim packaging is Sleek (see what I did there?) and doesn’t take up too much room in your makeup bag. It is perfect for travel and can be used to achieve different looks while on holiday. I love the superior quality of the products; they do kick up a tiny bit of powder, but they blend like a dream! Just check out the looks I’ve achieved with these palettes! The slim matte packaging, size of the products and the pigmentation of the colors are stunningly superior for the price you pay. 

sleek eye and cheek palettes open

Sleek MakeUP is not new to the Australian market. It is stocked at Sephora stores and available for purchase online as well as selected Target stores. I still go back to Target to look for more products to buy and test out, but unfortunately, they seem to be quite popular and the display looks like it needs to be constantly restocked. Guess I’ll have to make the long distance travel to Sephora to grab what I’m looking for.

Have you tried Sleek MakeUP? What are your favourites from this brand? Of the two palettes mentioned, which one calls out to you?


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