Review: Trilogy Skincare Starter Kit

Earlier this year, just around the time I started my blog, Trilogy had an offer to try samples of their cream cleanser, vital moisturiser and rosehip oil antioxidant+.

I carried these with me on holiday and finally got to test it out on my month long trip.


trilogy packaging
Trilogy Packaging

Trilogy features sleek and minimalistic packaging. I really love products that have simple designs and aren’t too overly shouty.

The cream cleanser and the moisturiser tubes look similar in design with their white coloured packaging and simple red stripe on the face of it but the size of the tube is what makes it easy to differentiate. So you won’t get confused by the packaging. The cleanser has a comparatively slender tube and is taller than the moisturiser. I didn’t find it confusing at all and I’m someone who really takes the time and looks at products to make sure I haven’t switched them around.

The rosehip oil comes in a frosted brown glass container with what looks like the smallest dropper I’ve ever come across.


The cleanser and moisturizer have similar scents – quite herbal from the ingredients. The rosehip oil has the base scent as the cleanser and moisturizer but also has strong earthy scent. Not many people may agree with me, but I really love the earthy scent. It reminds me of the scent of the earth after the rain fall. The fragrances on all these products dissipate fairly quickly. The rosehip oil takes a bit more time for the scent to disappear as compared to the cleanser and moisturizer, but I’m not complaining. I really love the scent that much!

Application / Texture

Cream Cleanser

Cream cleanser – works like most cream cleansers in the market. Work it up onto your palms before applying to your damp skin. Rub gently into your skin and rinse off as normal. The cream cleanser does feel like it leaves a filmy residue behind. I’m not a big fan of this filmy residue as I like my skin to feel fresh and clean and not like I’ve left something behind.

Vital moisturiser

Moisturiser – is luxurious. Actually that’s an understatement. It has a thick formula that coats the skin. For my combination skin, it was quite heavy for a tropical holiday. It would have been better suited for winter where the harsh climate drinks up all the moisture in my skin and I need something to replenish it. I also found the moisturiser made my skin feel hot, like one of the ingredients was warming up my skin. It wasn’t burning hot or anything, just warm (as if you applied one of those heat patches to your freshly prepped face).

Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +

Rosehip oil – felt like a dream. It was clear, smooth and my skin drank it up like I couldn’t believe. I thought it would take a while for my skin to absorb rosehip oil because of past experience with other brands, but this one absorbed quite easily and left my skin looking luminous and dewy. It was one of the reasons I didn’t actually use much foundation because it was a #betterskinmonth.


Cleanser – is perfect for when you wear much makeup or are rinsing off just the dirt and grime for the day. For me, it wasn’t as effective on makeup as some of the other brands that I have tried. I definitely had to remove the bulk of my makeup with a cotton round soaked in micellar water or double cleanse with another cream cleanser before using this one.

Moisturiser – is the least favourite of the three products tested. It felt warm and bit uncomfortable on my skin in the tropical heat. I think being in a hot climate further exacerbated the warmth after applying the moisturiser and I actually had sweat beads on my upper lip. I think it would be perfect for winter as not only does it feel like a luxuriously moisturising product, but the added warmth should help stave off the cold chills of winter. rho-dropper

Rosehip oil – is the clear favourite for me. It smelled AMAZING, felt cool on application, had a clear consistency and absorbed into my skin beautifully. I didn’t have to wait long for it to absorb into my skin. The only stickler for me was that I found the dropper often got stuck into the base and I had to carefully wriggle it back into the lid without dropping and breaking anything. Because my worst fear is *crash! tinkle* (sounds of breaking glass).

Overall Impressions

My overall favourite is the rosehip oil, followed by the cleanser and then moisturiser. I will definitely repurchase at least the oil if nothing else. Together, these products worked well and I could see a difference to my skin. It looked luminous and felt incredibly soft. My oily t-zone didn’t flare up with shininess even during the hottest days and with tropical humidity. The Trilogy Brand is from New Zealand and their focus is on products with high quality ingredients and no nasties. You can view more about the brand here.

Have you tried products from the Trilogy brand? What are your favourites?


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